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Breast Cancer

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*Abbreviations* for all our Newbies

 AC - one of the five most common types of chemo given to women with BC. Iit's probably the MOST common drug combination given to women with node-negative (hasn't spread to your lymph nodes) cancer. AC includes two drugs: doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan).

AI - aromatase inhibitors

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Camul about to conqueer El Capitan!!!!

They have this new way of getting up there now for novices. I remember seeing a guy in a sleeping bag half way up one time.

Heyy! Carol! Let's go talk to the Indians there who will tell you all their legends about the place!

Maybe with all the stuff you're taking you won't have to leave your home to do this!

As you see, luv, wanting a good day for you


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Last drain coming out tomorrow!

Hello everyone. I am finally getting my last drain out tomorrow (post mastectomy and abdominal incisions for delayed DIEP flap reconstruction). It's been 6 1/2 weeks since surgery. I know most people have them in for only a couple of weeks, I'm just different. I will give me more freedom to move around. I'm happy!

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Cancer again?

I was diagnosed with bc in 2007, at the age of 29. Made it through now here I am again my Dr thinks I am in for another round. Things just seem so different first I had bi-lateral with no reconstructive and because I have the cancer gene and others in my family that also had the gene wound up with ovarian cancer they decided to do a complete historectomy also. I did all of this because I was so young and because I have young children the youngest was two when I was diagnosed.

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Has anyone here been treated with Herceptin?  I wasn't expecting side effects but I feel like I hve been hit be a truck tonight. Severe headache, body aches, bone aches. 

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Lymphedema/PT after axillary node dissection

Good morning

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My Biopsy results

Hi everyone:  Hap I'd seen on another post where you asked what the results were and I'm sorry I'd not posted earlier.  I'm glad to report that it came back negative and thank you for prayers.  I've been going through a stressful situation since the results because my breast (especially the nipple) was not getting circulation and they were concerned that my nipple might be lost.  I've seen 6 different surgeons in a week since surgery.  My surgeon said that this just doesn't happen and he wasn't sure what happened.  It's a terribly long story, but bottom line, went to another plastic surgeon

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1 yr post treatment tests

Hello, friends

       Tomorrow I am having a mammogram and ultrasound 11 months post radiation treatment.  While I am most grateful that my tests November 1st only showed scar tissue, I am concerned about my pain and tenderness   I keep reading that this feeling is normal, but I have also been sooooo tired lately (going to bed at 8pm some nights, not even having the energy to get changed.). I am currently "on tour" for the next 2 weeks - bloodwork, tests, surgeons, PCP , and onco.  I plan to mention my extreme fatigue to everyone.  Let's see who chooses to offer advice.

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Question about implant

Hi everyone.  Last June I was diagnosed with HER2 stage 2A tumor.  Started chemo right away and tumor is gone and now time for the surgery.  I have chosen to go with mastectomy with reconstruction.  Can anyone tell me how often (trips) the temporary will take to be filled and how long it takes until it is filled?  It's quite a drive to the surgeon and wanting to prepare.  I'm about a 36 C cup.  Thanks.

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Breast cancer from implants

HI everyone... I hope you are all doing well... I haven't been on for quite awhile.  But I do pray daily for all of you... I have a question if anyone can relate... I have to have both of my implants removed that I had placed a year ago after my breast reconstruction from my mastectomy... I have constant pain and some swelling on the right side so my PS wants to place the implant over the muscle to hopefully help with constant pain and give me better range of motion.  I also have had issues with my left implant as its pulling inward and having some changes to it..


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