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Breast Cancer

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*Abbreviations* for all our Newbies

 AC - one of the five most common types of chemo given to women with BC. Iit's probably the MOST common drug combination given to women with node-negative (hasn't spread to your lymph nodes) cancer. AC includes two drugs: doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan).

AI - aromatase inhibitors

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And another one in the family

I know I have mentioned this before, that I come from a family that on both sides, have cancer and it is not just one type.  It is all over.   I think the total of family that has either had or has died from it is at 25.  It is very traumatic.  Liver, colon, brain, stomach, pancreatic, kidney, breast, skin, thyroid, bone, bladder, testecular, lung...it is crazy! 

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Intramammary node....

​ok... so recently I found out the 1cm mass they found in my breast was not just "standard" tumor, but an abnormal intramammary node.  Instantly they diagnosed it as Birads II, which I've read online is the standard instant diagnosis when mass is intramammary node. Mine is 3cm from nipple in lower outer quadrant around 8 o'clock.  They are clearly not pushing biopsy, because their standard protocol claims it's benign - no matter what.

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Dr Found 3 Masses

CGE18 wrote:

My doctor just found three masses in one breast.

They are:

2.5 x 3.0 cm

2.5 x 2.0 cm

2.0 x 2.0 cm

She states that they are mobile.

The ultrasound states that they are ill-defined hypoechoic heterogeneous masses with evidence of mild internal vascularity.

My mother and her sister both have breast cancer. I am in the process of waiting for a diagnostic mammogram. Can anyone advise if I should have concern and what these terms mean?

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I received my beautiful ornament today

Thank you TraciInla.such a beautiful one of a kind ornament.Came inside a beautiful breast Cancer bag.Thank you so very much.ornament is beautiful on my tree.Merry Christmas.

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The hardest part

I don't even know where to post this...my mother started with breast cancer (so post here right?) but then it spread to her bones and then to her liver....so I'll go with the beginning.


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What to expect or what to ask for...difficult to detect issue (maybe or maybe not Cancer)

Hi there! So, I have had an itchy breast and heavy feeling, let down feeling, and some remote "pain" of armpit lymph nodes, beginning in right breast, and then beginning in my left here recently. The right breast has had issues for about a year plus now.

So, anyway, I saw my gyn yesterday. She got me into the breast ONC for tomorrow. He has all the equipment in his office so that, when I leave, I should know if I have anything. So far, I have NOT been diagnosed with cancer. However, I am getting checked FOR cancer.

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Anastrozole: hot flashes and weight gain

i take 1mg Anastrozole daily, and (whereas during menopause, i'd get relatively harmless Warm Flashes) i am having really tough Hot Flashes.  They hit like clockwork about 30-45min after my 12noon dosing time, then irregularly; luckily, not bad. while sleeping.  Activity will trigger them... i get awful overheated, sweaty, short of breath.  Hate it.  Any ideas?

as well, with no changes in eating/moving habits, I've gained almost 30lbs in tne past year, *ugh* 


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Medical expense deductions

As a cancer patients, we often end up paying very high medical bills and drug costs. I haven’ t had the stomach for politics these days, but there is something being debated that effects cancer patients and other chronically ill patieints. I just wrote my Congressmen asking them to support the provision in the Senate Tax bill that restores the medical tax deduction to Pre-Obama rates. Prior to Obama, people could deduct the cost of medical expenses that exceeded 7.5% of Adjusted Gross Income. The Obama administration raised that threshold to 10% of AGI, in order to fund the government.

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