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Prostate Cancer

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Recently diagnosed - PSA 114 - Gleason score 8

I'm 46 and was just diagnosed last week with prostate cancer. Today I was told that my Gleason score is an 8 and my Doctor said that he would like to meet with a team next Thursday to get a few other opinions on how to proceed. His first though is to have me start hormone shots to slow down my testosterone which in return should slow down the cancer growth rate. He plans on meeting with me after Christmas day to go over a plan on how we are going to proceed. Does anyone agree that I should start the hormone shots before surgery?

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High PSA should I wait Dr want to keep going with Anti-biotics

HI, I have just turned 60, last month had a regular check up/blood test, PSA came back 12.5. Dr put me on a 4 week course of Cypro. Just had another blood test PSA down a bit to 11.8, he wants to keep me on for another month then another PSA test.   I am concerned its not an infection and I may be wasting a month, should I attempt to see a Urologist ASAP and have an MRI?   Thanks for any advice.

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signs leaking will stop

No doubt this topic has been addressed elsewhere and I would appreciate direction to find these forums. I'm in need of information on the urinary leaking I'm experiencing since my prostectomy's catheter was removed 10 days. I am desparate to talk to someone to know what "normal" is right now.  I don't leak overnight, but deal with a perpetual drip, drip,  drip all day unless I am seated.  I'm doing my kegels, walking and praying for some ability to gain control. I estimate I'm using 3-5 pads per day.

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What Now ?

PSA has been at zero for 2.5 yrs, in Sept. it had risen to .84. Urologist said it could be an unknown spike but will recheck in 3 mos. Yesterday I retested and it came back at 4.95, I'm definitely in trouble here. Get a bone scan on Monday and hormone shot on Tues and then my urologist is handing me off to the doc in Denver that did my RP via DaVinci. I'm in uncharted waters here, will a PET scan show where the cancer is or are they going to biopsy all of my internal organs to find the answer?

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Father's cancer has spread to bones (again). In a panic!


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Me too

I just received the results of my biopsy Monday. 

My history: 

2010 psa 1.70

2014.        3.79

July 2017 5.78

15 days of cipro, retest 4.40

I asked them to do a free psa at the time off the retest

It was 8%

The urologist /nurse practitioner wanted me to wait until November for another psa, that came in at 6.50

The urologist insisted on a biopsy

Two dre's both negative

Biopsy Results

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Other's experience with genomic testing

To recap my findings:

Current stage T1c

PSA 3.7

Biopsy 12 cores, 1 core positive, 10% of the core

Gleason 6, 3+3

MRI showed "no lesions of concern"

Age 69

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Just diagnosed


I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Biopsy results indicate:
12 cores taken, 6 are positive for cancer. 
Right apex - 10% occupied
Right base - 30% occupied
Left base - 10% occupied

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cyberknife success rate

Hi Everyone... Just diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I'm 67 in otherwise very good health,gleason score is7, PSA11.5,biopsiedtwice, Gleason score described as 7  [3+4] and tumor is 

local- still only in prostrate. I have to choose the method of treatment. I prefer cyberknife but have some questions. Would I be a good candidate for cyber with the scores I have? I really 

don't want surgery if I can possibly avoid it and has anybody been treated with cyber with a 7 score? I'm in the Philadelphia area and looking for the most experienced doctors. Any help would

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Hello just diagnosed and very frightened

I was just diagnosed Thursday by my urologist . PSA 7.8 ..had 5.5 for many years with 3 biopsy’s and were all good. This last one not sooo good.2 out of 12 showed some cancer .thsts all I know until I see the specialist next Thursday.thoughmy urologist did give me encouragement saying we caught it very early whatever that means...don’t know what to ask the specialist on Thursday I guess my biggest fear is if it has spread or not ..any input would be muchhhhhhh apppreciated ..thanks in advance ..how I am 56 years old 


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