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Prostate Cancer

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My dad blamed me for him having prostate cancer.

Im so angry And in shock. In april, my dad was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. I guess cancer does run in the family because my grandpa was diagnosed with end stage prostate cancer and sadly, did not overcome that. A couple of days ago, he had surgery to remove his prostate and some lymph nodes to officially determine how aggressive the cancer is and what stage it is. He had to stay overnight at the hospital. I switched off staying at the hospital with my sister. She stayed during the daytime but i stayed all night (about 11 hours). He went home with a catheter.

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High PSA big gland


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Back from the land of robots and sleepy gas

HI all

So I went in on Thursday morning for my RP.

Spinals and catheters were a bit of a drama but got there in the end. Don't even remember going down or waking up.

Felt woozy for the remainder of the day which made getting used to the catheter fun.

Consultant said the surgery went well and that he managed full nerve sparing on the left hand side and the rest went perfectly. Six weeks to wait for the biopsy review.

Had lots of chats about after care and have a load of meds and laxatives to work through plus 28 days if blood thinning injections.

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SRT or not with intermittent but low rising PSA after RP???

Had RP in 2007. physical lump during rectal exam and biopsy with cancer. Gleason:3 + 4. PSA = 4.5

PSA was <1.0 for many years, then 1 in 2013 and 2014. Then 2 in Nov 2015.

Starting seeing a radiation oncologist in  spring of 2016. First PSA was 0.28.

Embarked on dietary and lifestyle changes ( 5 elements based on searching the literature) intended to increase PSA doubling time. Scheduled PSA test at 3 month intervals, wanting to see impact.

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Bone Scan question a little nervous here

I had a bone scan yesterday.. Ordered by my Othopedic for hip issues...  during the scan..  they asked me if I had fractured my leg and arm..the answer was no.. then they called in Dr to look at it and see and if he wanted to do more test..     I am waiting for the report from my Orthopedic..  So my question is does metestized show up as a like a fracture on bone scans. Is there a good chance for false positives on a bone scan...   Oh technologist on the way out said good luck..  Luck what do I need luck for.... 

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My father have just been diagnosed

Hes 59, no history in the family, but his psa has always been somewhat high and the last result at 5.0 had us worried. All the other superficial screenings were normal but his urol recommended a dre and a biopsy. He found nothing with the dre but the results from the biopsy indicated 1 out 12 core with 10% 4+3 at the gleason scale

He now has gone to the doctor with my mom, and im on my way.to to give all my support to my old man. I even cracked some jokes on the phone but the thruth is im quite scared. We've been always on alert because of his psa but im still numb


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How do I calculate prostate volume size?

I am trying to fill out the Mayo Clinic prostate cancer calculator and they are asking for: Prostate Volume (cc). I had a CT scan after my biopsy and it says: Prostate measures 5x4.7 cm.

Can I just multiply those two figures to get 23.5? But yet those are centimeters and the calculator wants cubic centimeter.  cc vs cm. ARE THEY THE SAME THING?



It's at:  http://riskcalc.org/Prostate/


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Suspicious of Prostate

Just looking for a few thoughts form people that know. I get up 2 & 3 times a night to pee, has been 4 a few times. Sometimes its easier to drain my bladder when I sit to pee. I can sit & trickle out 2 or 3 times in a 3 minute span after peeing initialy. I pee more frequently during the day, maybe once an hour. Never any blood . The equipment rarely works in the bedroom anymore. I do have some lower back pain that is not typical of back pain I would normally have. Now I am about 100 pounds overweight so this could be the cause maybe.

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Melanoma after Prostate Cancer

Hello again, I have another question that I dont see in searching here. Research shows a possible connection between prostate cancer and secondary diagnosis of melanoma. It does not appear to be linked with other forms of skin cancer.  Has anyone had a diagnosis of melanoma following PC? Thank you.

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Anybody have Brachy with Boost?

I am meeting today with a dr who owns a brachy clinic. My urologist says my case is too aggressive for brachy, I would need to do the Boost, which he says intensifies side effects. I am doing the meeting to collect information. I am 64, a 4+3, PSA 3.5. Anybody done this? I understand it hasn't been around long enough to study.





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