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Heron is king of all he sees

My (Abbreviated) Story

I was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiform in July 1, 1996. On July 7, 1996, I underwent surgery to resect the tumor, but upon opening my head, my neurosurgeon only removed enough for a biopsy, opting for "quality of life over quantity."  He closed me up, sent me to recovery, and told my parents I had 18 months to live. I was 14.

Gall bladder adenocarcinoma stage 2

My name is Rita.  A medical doctor-Radiologist.

My mom is a 57 year old who was recently diasgnosed with gall bladder cancer stage II.

Below is her story.


My husband, Jesse Lopez

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My Cancer Story

It was the middle of May, 2016 when I started to realize that I had something severe going on. For a long time I had problems going to the bathroom, but never like this. I began to feel heaviness inside my stomach and I realized it was more than just the normal feelings as it was affecting my levels of activity. I started to feel “run-down”, even lethargic at times. My habits began to change as far as bed time and even to the point where I would lie in the bed at 6:30 – 7:00 every night until I fell asleep. Physically, I was weak and my stomach problems were progressing.

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An eagle fishing in front of my house

More bird joy...

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"My" Pileated woodpecker

I get great joy from watching and photographing birds from my home.  Today's adventures including getting very close to this woodpecker.

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Surprise you have a PSA of 42

After nearly a dozen years of being a kidney cancer surivior I was informed today that I have a PSA level of 42.1

I am shocked and both my sons are shocked and depressed too.

Alas my health insurer in Texas is limited to a single urologist so my doctor today tried to get me to my old kidney specialist but they do not take our health insurance.  I can kvetch to the hills about this...But what good does it do?  Again they will place me in a high risk pool where I will spend thousands and hope to get at least one doctor who will accept my insurance.

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How to handel fear.

As a pancreatic cancer survivor i learned a lot about fear. So I decided to VLOG about it. You can check it out on my YouTube channel here: http://bit.ly/Marbitz_VLOG


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