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My journey with Stage 4 OVARIAN Cancer

Almost 50yrs old and in the fight of my life! Diagnosed with Stage 4 OVARIAN CANCER and currently done with 3 cycles of 6. Carbo/Paclitaxel every 21 days. 


After Chemo and radiation and steroids

My husband was diagnoised in December 2016 with Esophogeal cancer.  We got the normal second opinions and went forward with treatments.  He did well until his fourth week of treatment.  He was having a bad reaction to the chemo.  They stopped treatments for a week the began the treatment for one more week.  However, he had a severe reaction to the chemo, it came out through his skin.  His hands, face and feet peeled so they treated it with more oral steroids.  He did not sleep for 56 hours, slept 7 hours, then awake 48 hours more.

Ovarian cancer recurrence

I was diagnosed with Stage IC ovarian cancer in June, 2016.  After surgery and chemo, which finished in November, by April I had metastases to multiple retroperitoneal lymph nodes.  I'm now starting Doxil and Avastin, but of course, have been told it is now incurable but "manageable" for who knows how long.  I am terrified of all the implications of this news.   And mired in regrets over some major life issues.

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my foster for 2 weeks

Not sure this is the right place, but here's my story...

I'm not just my cancer, so I'd like to tell you about myself:  I am Britishborn, a writer,  and married my American husband when I was 25. May 31 2017 will be our 48th anniversary--how time flies.  As they say, the days may go so slowly, but the years go so fast.  John is 75 on May 21, an I was 73 on May 8.  We have one son though we would loved to have had several. We were lucky to get Duncan, who was born at 33 weeks at a time when treatment for premies was in its infancy.

The first PNET Survivor?

I am a  PNET cancer survivor.  Back in 1994 when it was first discovered, I was told that I was the first one in the United States to have this form of cancer.  What made my cancer very rare was the fact that it was located on my heart. Since the doctors at that time did not know much of anything about PNET, they had to experiment on me.  For they told my mother that if they didn't use  the expeirmental chemo on me, I would be dead by the next day. 

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Locked jaw

<p>Hi my name is Yolanda Whiteside. I had nasal cancer 25 years ago. My jaw started locked up about a year after my treatment . I been go to dentists , hospitals and doctors and i can't get help. Now my jaw is closed all the way Ihave problems breathe and cough a lot. </p>

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RCC Takes Me Away

I am a renal cell carcinoma survivor.  I was uninsured through the battle for the right kidney, then the left kidney.  There were fears.  I had to pay over $65,000 over a couple of years.  That was for a nephrectomy and scans.  There were other payments and fights with doctors, then more payments.  I developed complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other things to go along with my old medical conditions.  There are struggles with finances, pain issues, fatigue issues, inept doctor issues, etc.  I have moments that tear me apart.  I hurt daily!  I have fatigue daily!  I worry abou


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