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This is my grandson Micah, he is my rock. Anytime I am down, all I have do is talk to him, he lights up my life.

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This younger grandbaby.he is boss of the boss,ha ha He lights up my life also.

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Micah and Oliver

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Grandson Micah

Easter 2016

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My Story

I was diagnosed in December of 2015 with stage 3 colo/rectal cancer.  I received 6 weeks of Xeloda (pill form) 5 days a week (off weekends). Also radiation 5 days a week.   I had a 8 week rest period followed by latherascope surgery to removed what was left of the tumor. ( all surrounding tissue and nodes taken came back clear)  I also had to have a loop-iliostomy (temporary) to allow my bowels to heal.   Currently taking 4000 mg of Xeloada (pills) for adjevant (after) chemo for a 4 month cycle.  14 days on, 7 days off...

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Just Us

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Allison, Emma, and Dylan...my grandkids

sadly these grandkids live in Missouri. I never get see them. But I love none the less.

Pancreatic Cancer

I am new to this site. Just wondering why Pancreatic Cancer isn't on the Discussion Boards. I've been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in June 2016. It has mastetisized to liver and surrounding organs. Receiving chemo treatments every other week since June of last year. My treatment is Gemzar and Abraxane. Since June my life has changed drastically. My appearance has changed. I seemed to have aged rapidly and lost alot of weight. I'm also struggling with type 2 diabetes. Is there anyone that can share their experiences in their eating habits? Mine have gone south.

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Mom n Dad

This is my Mom n Dad and my nieces. Girls had just won a softball championship.


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