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More yard pics

hot tub

oi my mess

comfy chair and my fat dog

Cancer sucks

Where to begin. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer due to cirosies from years of drinking. I'm confused scared hurt and so on. I need help understanding?? What to expect?? What can I do to help him? My mother is a wreck she needs guidance. He is confused alot. He eats very little. Sleeps all the time I think cause of pain. He has fluid on legs feet and stomach. Doctors said 3 months. I just need support. We have some from family friends and hospice is getting called. I just lost a mother in law last Christmas 2016 due to Alziemer if that's the correct spelling.

Hope Love Faith

My son has rectol cancer. He's 35. He's going thru chemo and radiation. he's going to have a colonoscopy bag. im looking for hope from others who are going thru this. I wasn't sure if this site was only for those who have cancer and or survivors. If that's the case, please let me know.

My husband has been diagnosed with Astrocytoma in his spinal Cord.

Hi. My name is Codi. My husband Dustin is a 29 year old active man that works 80 hours a week and we have a total of 5 extremly active kids. About 2 moths ago he started having problems with the toes on his right foot. Then slowly it started moving up to his ankle. I finaly argued with him and made him go to the ER where we live. The did blood work and MRI on him. They told us that he had foot drop. Which is where he can not control his ankle or toes. The told us that the MRI showed a mass in his spine. That same day they sent us in an ambulance for a 6 hour ride to Dallas Texas.

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Back little garden

Back little garden

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More deck


deck again

last deck pic

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More flowers

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side garden

back garden


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