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My possum cake

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I am an Imaging Specialist for PET Imaging.


I was a late bloomer in deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up. My husband suffered a debilitating injury from his work, and I didn't want our new born daughter to be raised on disability checks. I went part time to college when she was 3 months old. While deciding my career, I thought about what I was truly passionate about, and thought about what I liked in my past occupations. I settled on Nuclear Medicine and have not looked back.


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Favorite hobbies.

What kind of hobbies do you all do to keep busy and not to think about things? I like all kinds of crafts. I used to own a bakery with my oldest daughter. We made cakes of all kinds. From baby shower cakes to gross bugs and zombies. We also made a few for some famous people in Nashville.  I also like to make candy, color adult coloring books, scrap booking of all kinds, sew and read. This is one of my creations. The box is white chocolate, filled candy inside is hot chili pepper, peanut butter, cherry cream, and orange cream.

Serenity at home

Living on the water is peaceful and the perfect place to heal and to strengthen my spirit. 

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Another side of 73 Corvette

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73 Corvette cleaned up

Peace and strength

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My journey with Stage 4 OVARIAN Cancer

Almost 50yrs old and in the fight of my life! Diagnosed with Stage 4 OVARIAN CANCER and currently done with 3 cycles of 6. Carbo/Paclitaxel every 21 days. 


After Chemo and radiation and steroids

My husband was diagnoised in December 2016 with Esophogeal cancer.  We got the normal second opinions and went forward with treatments.  He did well until his fourth week of treatment.  He was having a bad reaction to the chemo.  They stopped treatments for a week the began the treatment for one more week.  However, he had a severe reaction to the chemo, it came out through his skin.  His hands, face and feet peeled so they treated it with more oral steroids.  He did not sleep for 56 hours, slept 7 hours, then awake 48 hours more.


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