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please tell me what to do!

I have been in USA for the last 11 years. I came for a better life, or an American dream. I was force to a aranged marriage at age 18. then after having a son I got dovorce my husband took my child when he was only 6 mounts old. He never gave me achance t see him again. he is 26 now. I came to America about 11 years, and strugled alot. I lost my brother andnmy father while I was here and id not have a chance to go and be whith them. Eventhough I am 46 now, I startedto get back to college a few years ago and worked very very hard. I had only 10 credit left to graduate, that I found out I have breast cancer, abbout 2 weeks ago. I am so scared that I don't want to know too much about it. it is hard to face it. My family who are in another country still don't know it. I havedecided to tell them soon. I have no job, or money and i don't know how I am going to deal with it.The reason I am here because I wonder how other women like me went through it. What would be the best thing for me to do. I feel like I want to die now, instead of waiting. I have another surgery and my lymph nodes have to be checked next week. The canser itseld is grade 1 but there are bad or precancer sell around it. I need emotional help and I need to know is there any organization that can help me.How ever I am very sad now, but I send all of you my prayers and that you will all feel better soon. God is there for us anyway, if not anyone else.

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my beautiful granddaughters, me and my son Jase

This was taken right after i was diagnosed, I love these little girls oh so much.

I´m a Thriver

I cannot take credi for this but it was really helpful for me during the hard moments and I want to share with you!

Hope it helps you too :)

Cancer survivorship is a continuous experience. It is a process that starts at diagnosis and continues throughout treatment and beyond. A cancer survivor is a thriver and an activist, a warrior and a victor.

No one is ever the same after a cancer diagnosis. Even when treatment is over, you remember. Most worry about recurrence at some point in their lives.

You may have residual feelings of confusion, anger, fear, and sadness. Other times you may be filled with elation, especially when you recognize the accomplishments that you've made. Reestablishing hope for the future can take time.

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curley Sue

mommas boy

mom has cancer 58 went to hosp found out has 3to 4 months left should i tell her i am mommas boy at 42 i told her just trying to get her better to bring her homr did tell her what was wroung just not how bad a loving son

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shan and xye goofing off

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shan (oldest) beautiful

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xye wake me when we get there


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