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My Story

I turned 40 last May. My father lived with me, my husband, and my 4 girls, and granddaughter. I had been caring for my father for the last 2 years and he decided on my 40th birthday that he had had enough. He was in too much pain and wanted to go on hospice. Two weeks later he passed. I finally got around to getting my first mammogram at the end of July and failed! They wanted me to come back and get another one because they were concerned and then I had to get a biopsy. Man-that hurt! They diagnosed me with DCIS in my left breast. At first they said I would just get a lumpectomy and see if they would get clear margins, but then on the day I was going to get a second opinion, the first surgeon said I needed a partial mastectomy.

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No, Not Me, That Can't Be!

It all started that day at the surgeons office when I thought I was there to talk about having an annoying hemorroid removed. After he examined me, I wondered why he kept asking me if I was there alone or if I had someone with me. Of course I'm alone...I thought to myself. Why would I bring someone with me for a hemorroid?

What he said next would stop my heart. I'm sorry but this is cancer and your going to need chemo & radiation to take care of it. It turned out that the tumor was inside the rectum, but had actually grown OUTSIDE through the anus...thus I thought it was a hemorroid. After my colonoscopy & PET scan...I was facing Stage III Anal cancer.

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1st Tennis after cancer

This photo was taken 1 week after diagnosedas "cancer free"!

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Luv Maxine

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Out Of Srings

This images represents the 11 metastasis from melenoma skin cancer,
and how I've had to go inside my soul, my spirit to re-claim and re-birth
the experience of health. Looking inward resulted in the healing of my
physical body. My heart became the bridge that took me out of the
organizing, intellectualizing of my mind, and past the dis-comforts of my
physical challenges and dis-eased body.
For more information, healing references, please visit
www.deborahshemesh.com (copyright 2005 - all licensing rights reserved
by artist).

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Me and Toots

weight gain

Hi; my name is Tina and I received chemo for 9 consecutive months and now have been in remission for the past 19 months. My problem is that I have put on 60 pounds in the last 12 months. I stand 5'1" and small frame, I am hurting all the time and out of breath whenever I bend over or climbs stairs. I know you are not doctors, I just want to see if anyone is going thru the same ordeal I am going thru. I was given steriods due to arthritis in October of 2008. Bless you all

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Christmas 2008

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