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Chime & Hammock

How my cancer came about

I was diagnosed with this cancer 11/25/08. The only sympton I experienced was that I had begun getting teeth pain in the upper left side for quite a few months. I was told to take a decongestant to aleviate the pain. The dentist just thought is was allergies causing sinus pressure to press on my teeth nerves. That worked for a short time. The pain got so bad and the teeth began to loosen. I also developed an abcess above the troubled teeth. The dentist sent me to an endodontist thinking I needed a root canal. He found the teeth alive and fine but thought that there was a periodontal issue going on.

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I took this photo while in Kauai in 2007. We went there right after my surgery and just prior to my chemo. I got home on Saturday and started chemo on Monday. I love this photo as I find it to be very calming so I decided to share it with you all.

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Hangen in there

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Live Oak

6' Diameter Trunk

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The Family

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my Babies

boo kitten

boo kitten


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