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Me & My Daughter, Kali

My name is Erin. I am 43. This is my gorgeous 21 year old daughter.
Last month I had the lumpectomy surgery.This month I struggle with the meaning of my pathology report (post Surgery). I am scheduled to begin radiation therapy. My problem is; being a poor-white-girl-on-MediCal, I can not afford the service of a second opinion to view my slides. With all due respect to the professionals dedicated to breast cancer-I have zero confidence in the narrow-minds of western medicine. If every cancer and every woman is different, why? why am I being treated like all the rest? I'll tell you why-MONEY. This breast cancer crap is a money maker. I've seen every Hospital grow just as fast as a cancer.

New Haircut Before Chemo #1

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Phewwwww, let's get going on this brain tumor!

Short for now, I am still taking in a very new and out of my box diagnosis and trying to get my game plan in order with the family, but we are rocking and looking good. Mid January my life, my girls lives, and my extended family's life changed in a way we are all still trying to figure out, but it is not a total bummer or negative, there are already positives in this blip!!! More on that later.

I had a major siezure at 4 am in bed and very lucky that my 12 year old heard me through the wall next to me, apparently she knew this was not mom being strange! I lost at least 6 hours of any time I can recall, the kids and others have filled in the important stuff, so no worries there for me. I was in and out until late the next day with mini tremors and seizures I suppose, then the pieces started to fall into a strange array of colors and pieces and my stinking head hurt like skull fracturing piercing crawl in a cave rip off your arm with the flashlight in my eye thing!

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We are one, we will win!

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Chester (loves cheetos)

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Here I am in Nov 07 as my hair was finally coming back. Luckily most of that darned grey was not permanent, the portion that was a little hair dye took care of! :-D

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This was taken in Aug. 07 during my bald days! :-) Kid's are amazing, little Ian never cared if I had hair or not. He would sometimes ask me if I needed my hair hat (wig). We would joke that we had the same hairdo.

My Sister and Me


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