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Myself and my twin girls

Surviving Mom's Cancer

The Orange County Register

I was pacing back and forth on the same five-foot length of sidewalk. My friend was waiting for me inside a Mexican restaurant. My enchiladas were getting cold.

"They can't do anything?" I frantically asked.

"Nope," she said. The voice coming through the line was a mix of resignation, frustration, anger and sadness. "They're not giving me the transplant. They've taken me off the list."

She was crying. I never cry. But it didn't mean the truth hadn't hit me just as hard.

She had cancer. And it was going to kill us.

• • •

When you're little, you think your parents are invincible. For as long as I can remember my mom, Sharon Louise Rubio, was sick somehow. But she always beat it, and in my mind that equated to her having a big Superman "S" on her chest.

Niyaz and Mom

My story

I found out I had breast cancer June 27 2008. After a modified radical mastectomy of my right breast I had six intensive chemo treatments. They were really bad for about 10 days after each and then I had ten days of pretty good. My husband and two of our daughters shaved my head and videoed the whole thing after my hair started falling out! My family is really big and we always meet for Thanksgiving because we live all over the country. 2008 was my turn and everybody was worried it would be too hard but we had a fabulous time.

I started looking at plastic surgeons for reconstruction after my port was removed but my cancer surgeon wanted me to wait till after my surgery date. I wasn't a candidate for implants, which was fine with me, but the option was to remove my stomach muscle and fat to create a new breast. I thought I was ok with it but I live on a 24 acre mini farm with horses and chickens and dogs and cats and a huge garden.

a little about me

I am 48yrs old and just found out Feb.11th 2009 that I have lymphoma cancer in the neck. its pretty scary and wanted to join a support group for support and strength. i am currently married and have four grown children. two of them are living at home. (ages 19 and 24). I'm currently working fulltime as a social worker. I just had surgery on my neck this past Wed. They removed a large tumor and did a pathology report on the mass and discovered cancer.

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Dixie dog, the ever faithful helper of mine

She is a calming, relaxing body in this fight of our families and will ever be by my side unconditionally!

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3rd grandson


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