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Take a leap of faith..

Feel the joy all around you in your every day life. And remember how JOY feels. And smile.

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Make a memory today for someone, just in case..

It's funny what they'll remember when you're gone. Share the simple things you know how to do.

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There is JOY even for those fighting cancer.

And there is JOY, even for us fighting cancer! Fight on!

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When you think you can't go on anymore, remember how sweet life is....

Life is good. Life is worth it, even when you think you've had enough. Fight on!

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Bizzy, My Tonkenese Cat


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Is Playing with Glue Guns Dangerous?

BSC Angels Use Glue Guns

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That's My School! Go Bears!

Love those Bears!

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She Can't My Fist From Her House

You can't tell me you don't want to punch her in the face!

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Relay For Life of Bridgewater State College

BSC Bears Celebrating, Remembering, and Fighting Back!


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