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son and grandaughter

son and grandaughter 3-01-2009

Hello Everyone

I am, what I feel so far - another statistic. Nothing special about me. I have read here many stories. Mine is just the same, only different biopsy detils. I fooled around because I was the "baby" and was expected to take care of our elderly mother, so I put it off. By the time I was diagnosed at 51, I had a 2.7cm tumor, No lymph node involvement, but it is triple negative. I've had a R mastectomy and my first dose of TC chemo was 2/24/09. I wish all of you out there long life and happiness. I was unable to find a support group to attend till next April, so I read here at CSN frequently. Anyone is welcome to contact me if they wish.

Retirement yes, but not quite as planned!

In March 2006 I was very much looking forward to retiring in June. I figured that having worked for 35 years with the federal government was enough. I was looking forward to playing golf, getting in more exercise and spending a lot more time with my family. I finally decided to take some time to get all my "little" health concerns taken care of before hitting the links. The most nagging concern was a little rectal bleeding that accompanied bowel movements for the previous couple of years. I figured this was probably due to hemorrhoids or maybe at worst an ulcer. No big deal.

My family doctor wasn't really concerned suspecting an ulcer as well. Months ago she had given me a fecal test to take home just to make sure that it was nothing more serious. I never got around to sending the samples in. I decided to attend a walk in clinic, see another MD describe my symptoms and get another opinion. The doctor I met was a real nice guy, checked the old prostate found no problem there but when I told him that the bleeding had been regular for quite a while he decided to send me for a colonoscopy.

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Christmas 2008

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Diagnosed 2/24/09 with Melanoma

I am a native Floridian and I've always worn that badge with pride. I'm 40 years old and many tell me I look like I'm in my 20s. I have a huge laugh and a great sense of humor and am a quick learner and yearn to do the best job at anything I do. So now, I am surprised that my life as a Floridian, which I'm so proud of because it's so "rare" these days, also gave me sun damage that has led to malignant melanoma. Lucky for me it's only Stage 1.

My friend at lunch after a rural hike pointed at a spot/mole just below my elbow a little less than 2 weeks ago. I usually cover my arms so it was unusual that I wore a short sleeved shirt, especially that it was cool and foggy that morning. My friend announced "What's That"... she's always had a direct way of stating those words for other things, but since I had also noticed that this weird mole was dark and sometimes peeled, I thought I would be testing fate if I ignored it.

Just for a little while

Casey is my husband he 33, Im 28 and our son turned 10 yesterday..Casey got diagnosed in 2006 of gastric cancer stage IV, it was devistating. On decenber 25 i took him into the hopsital because he was really sick. January 11 2009 they told us that he only had weeks to months to live that they couldnt do no more for him. He came home doing hospice on january 13 2009 he has declined so bad in the past weeks. My son is who has had the hardest time dealing with his disease, its heartbreakin to see my 10 yr old so hurt nd afraid, i hurt so bad to hear him cry and scream of pain. i take care of him at night and work in the day.

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We have hope!!!


I'm writing on behalf of my 35 year old sister that had just been diagnose with Thyroid Cancer unfortunately she was told that it now spread to the Lymph nodes. Now the doctor asked for a PET Scan but her insurance is telling her that the procedure it's to expensive so there giving her a had time.
She hasn't given up this is barley the beginning her biggest strength are her two daughters 11 and 8 years old.

I pray to God to give her strength and to get her through this.


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