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How Could This Happen

In March 2008 I was beginning a new life for myself. I purchased a new home, got engaged, and was enjoying life to it's fullest with my fiance and my two beautiful sons, ages 11 & 12. After moving into my new home, I noticed I had back and rib pain that went on for three weeks, so I made an appointment with my primary care physician, who assured me I had probably pulled something during the move. On April 3, 2008, my son found his father dead while spending the night at his home. I was in the hospital at the time having Lap Band surgery when I received a call from my son saying he had gone to wake his Dad up and that he believed his Dad was dead.

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Cancer Survivor Since 1988 - Reacurrence 2007

I was detected with thyroid cancer in 1988, having 3 nodules that were papillary carcinoma. I had three surgeries to correct this. One, was in late 1988 to remove the nodules but was not successful. The surgeon could not finish surgery due to complications with an artery that was nicked and another surgeon was called in to repair it. Surgery was called off and only one nodule was removed. I was 33 years of age at that time. Second surgery was done by the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona in 1999. This surgery was successful in removing the other two nodulse, but to learn that one of my vocal cordes were parralized. Third surgery was to repair my vocal core with an rubber silicone implant to correct the parralize vocal cord. That surgery was successful as well. I went for several I-131 treatments through the following years and finally was cancer free. Several years went by, and in October 2007, I was not feeling well and decided to go and get checked out and my doctor decided to do a CT scan. The CT scan came back and found out that I had two nodules in my right lower lung. I made an appointment with a Pulminary specialist and they set me up for a Pet scan and with that, they found that I had a 4 cm lymph node on the left side of my neck that was papillary carcinoma. I immediately was sent to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for recommendation to remove the Lymph node. That was done in May of 2008 successfully and was referred back to the Pulminary Doctor. They wanted to do surgery to remove the lower part of the lung but my Endroconologist decided that was not an option. So I was told to test again in six months. Six months later which was November 2008, I had another Pet Scan and this one came back with no change to the two nodules that were spotted in October 2007, but to learn that I had another nodule show up in the left lower lung area. Things were not looking good. They also spotted another Lymph node on my left side neck again and had to call the Ears, Nose and Throat doctor again to schedule a visit. We scheduled surgery in January 2009 and removed the Lympth node which was also papillary carcinoma. The Dr. also found another one while in surgery, right above the one he removed but was not cancerous. After all this, I went back to the Pulminary Doctor and we dicided to schedule an Lung Byopsy. This was done in February 2009 and it came back Papillary Carcinoma. They scheduled me to see a different Endroconologist and the meeting did not go well. I decided to seek help elsewhere. I went to the Cancer Treatment Center of America which just opened up in Arizona in 2008. I was very fortunate to get accepted and they ran four different scans. Pet Scan, Bone Scan, Mri and a CT Scan. All test that were done prevously were verified with the tests that CTCA did. I am in a one week waiting periond right now don't have to go back until March 16, to get ready for the large dosage of RadioIondine I131 which will hospitalize me for up to four days. I will keep in touch once this is completed and will let you all know the outcome.

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It looks like my blog pics migrated here somehow...

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right before surgery

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lost a LOT of leg muscle!

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ready to go home!


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