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Borderline unresectable pancreatic cancer

My Husband diagnosed Jan 30, 2009 with adenocarcenoma pancreatic head. Ivnolves entire uncinate process with SMA, SMV & portal vein involvement. Presently attempting to shrink tumor with chemoradiation in order to perform Whipple. Started treatments 3/16/09

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You are looking at a Miracle

carrie story

i had gotten off the school bus it was about this time ..the snow had just melted.i started running and fell over the cement parking block .. it hurt so bad my older sister carried me home ..i was 8 yrs. old..i got home and cried my self to sleep a couple days or so later my mom called doctor and i went in and the doctor said it was simply growing pains. so i went home took it easy n rested..the pain was still there all though there was never really a bruise...i told my mom it was now difficult to put weight on the right leg ..she took me back in to the doctor he pushed on my knee and the pain was excruitating. and he said he wanted to take an x-ray . right away we all noticed..and the doctor said "there is a mass here on the knee" it was the size of an egg.. they sent me to copley for more research and to figure out what the plan would be for me.. at copley ..i got a biopsy there sat dazed in my room afterward and the doctor my mom and dad came into room and my ...mom sat real close to my bed and said you have CANCER.. i am eight years old remember i have no clue what it is and my mom sits for a long while to explain...i am later transerferred to Childrens memorial in chicago,il. (fantastic hospital). where i began my treatment aggresive because of how large the tumor already was..it made me so sick not to mention being 8 yrs. old loosing your baby fine blonde hair..i threw up so much i had really bad sores in my mouth.. and had gotten a prescription mouthwash.. i lost weight to the point that i was 40 lbs. at 8 .i had then gotten tube feed because i was simply too thin ..and didn't want to eat!! aso it went on my doctor dr.katz thats what we called him for short came in and said basically the treatment is not working.. but i still had to get treatment a week on a week off. i was thin pale and bald .. the news came on a day i actually felt good..i just had a bath ..i was a little concerned that granparents from both sides where there my brother sister mom and dad..but i was ok.. any way after my bath they all walked in i could tell by the look of all there faces something was wrong.. my dad alone came to my bed held my hand and said they have to amputate my leg..i said"i'd rather lose my leg than my life" and every one cried and my dad held me tight.. later much...my dad bought me a gold cross to wear to my surgery and it was done.. i had a giant cast across my torso and the stump ..isat up and i had sharp pain down my leg.. later found i was allergic to the stitches. and had seeping open wounds.. which postponed my rehabilitation and therapy.. and eventually getting a prosthetic.. although very aprehensive i did get one.. and have been great since.. 14 year survivor.. 1 son another on the way despite doubt of producing at all. i'm married and live a very regular life.

me now

Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I was diagnosed in October of 2008, it was all very unexpected. I was having back pain and had an MRI to check to see if there were any disc issues and that is when they found emlarged lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Two days later I had a CT scan from neck to pelvic area and they were all enlarged from neck to pelvic. My family physician was very supportive and encouraging and told us that if this was a type of lymphoma that it was a good thing because it was very treatable. I had a biopsy and it was confirmed Hodgkin's. I had a PET scan and went it two days later for the results. I was shocked to find that it was Stage 3BS, it was in all four quadrants and in my spleen.

He Who Leaps While Under The Influence (of several health providers)

Good Grief! Maybe I should have thought this over some more. After four months I'm still having trouble sitting down particularly on soft cushions. The pressure between my sit bones is vvery iritating. My Dad and sisters think I should see a different doctor. What do you think. Anyone else experienced a prolonger after effect like this?

How Can I Cope With the Stress?

I live with my boyfriend of 15 years. He was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer May 29th 2008. By the time they discovered it it had already spread to his liver. He has been battling it ever since, recently having to undergo Radiation for a brain tumor. I was working part-time up until January of this year, when I was laid off. We are going through an EXTREMELY stressful time right now and it can be very depressing. But somehow we haven't given up hope.

My Cancer Story

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 (at the age of 56) and on the advice of physicians elected to have a prostatectomy.

During the surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (on my 57th birthday), the surgeon noticed that my lymph glands were swollen and ordered a biopsy.

The biopsy showed a positive diagnosis for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

My oncologist told me that the cancer was not curable, but was treatable and told me that based on current averages,I had about 7 years to live.

I have been through multiple surgeries, countless chemotherapies, immunotherapies and one treatment with a radioactive isotope.


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