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Jungfrau Range, Switzerland

At the top of the Schilthorn, Piz De Gloria,Jungfrau Switzerland

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17 year old daughter with Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma

My daughter was diagnosed in 2007 with a Grade III anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumor she had chemotherapy and radiation both it is located on the posterior parietal lobe, they say it is non-operable. In Jan. she had an MRI and it had started to progress to the other side she is now on Etoposide for chemo and has not had any radiation. Is there anyone that knows of anybody who has had this type of tumor in the same location? If so I would like more output, please.

Thanks, Deb

Melanoma Stage IIIC

I was diagnosed with Melanoma in November '07. I had a bad mole, that as already eight years old; and had been ulcerated for six years, removed from my left chest wall. My mole was 3.8mm on the Breslow Scale, placing me as Clarkes Level IV.
My mole had never bothered me, except for when the scab came off in the shower every month or so. Then it only bled a little and required a small plaster.
My surgeon told me that I would have to have a wide excision and lymph node biopsy (which was done in December '07). He harvested five lymph nodes from under my left arm, one of which was infected. Then in January '08, I had all my lymph nodes removed from under my left arm, eleven were harvested and five infected.

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Mom is Gone

My mom just passed . I only had three days to find out she had cancer fromhead to toe and then she passed away it is so unfair to go so early she was only 48 and she didn't even know until she got sick you see I was living in vegas when I got the call from her she need my help and my old man's cause she was fell very tired and she had work for him and I to do and when we got here she took ill and we found out and then she passed so now we have no jobs two kids no money and live with my 68 year old grandmother. I forget some days and tell my hubby I'm so mad I just want to call my mommy but the

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I Love Buterflyes!!!!!

Am I really unique or such a rare individual?!

I have been dealing with carcinoma since 2005 when a sml lump was discovered in my left breast after a yearly regular mammogram. I underwent 7 wks. of radiation...chemo was not necessary as my lump was discovered in early stage 1 and was very small. The year following the (end) of radiation showed many changes in my breast: many exams and checkups by the surgeon and the oncologist. The end result was a visual change in the size of my breast,and the breast itself becoming as hard as a football,resulting in a mastectomy. Many medical technicians and Dr.'s told me I was a unique and very rare case. Basically, I had a severe and radiation burn from my treatments. The breast was "dying" because of damaged blood vessels disallowing regular blood flow. My (whole) story is very long and involved,and I will not go into detail here,but I really think that I cannot be the only individual who has been affected by radiation treatments..surely someone else must have experienced something akin to what happened to me????

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my experience with breast cancer

hello every one i am new on here it is great to have found this site because iv always wanted to hear and share with other people that have been touched with cancer in 1992 i had breast cancer which resulted in me having my breast removed followed by 6months of chemo i am still having check ups every 12 months and so far all has been good i have been thinking of breast reconstruction but i would love to talk with some one who has had this done


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