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Septated cyst with interval thickening after watching for 8 years

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I was in for an ultreasound around 8 years ago and they found a complex septated cyst on my kidney. We have been yearly watching it with ultrasounds and bloodwork and urine tests..  And it stayed the same size and everything the same till this year..  I had the ultraound this week and it came back saying that it thickened in the septations.. So now the pathologist who read it says he suggests an MRI with contrast.. It did stay the same size.. So now my doctor wrote the prescription for the MRI and I am waiting for authorization to get this done..  I have jut got over having a full hysterectomy for cancer in my endometrial lining 2 months ago .It was Grade 1, Stage 1A. .so i want to get this test over with and am hoping and praying it is nothing because I would like my mind to rest for a few months.   Has anyone else had anything like this and what was the outcome?  Also any tips for the MRI with contrast.  I heard that constras can damage your kidneys. The cyst is 11mm.

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As far as an MRI with contrast, they will or have already checled your blood wotk before this. Ask. As long as you don't have a certain level of Kidney fAILURE IT SHOULD BE OK.






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How fortunate you are to have been on top of this for the past 8 years AND have a doctor watch it closely.   First things first, get through the MRI so the doctor can develop a plan to take care of it.  At 11 mm you have plenty of options.

Keep us posted.


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When I asked my nephrologist about the dye, she told me it's only the CT dye that is an issue.  She said the MRI dye is not a concern for the kidney.  Not sure if that's dependent on a type of dye...but that's what I was told when I asked. 

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