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This is happening so fast!

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Hello.  My ex husband went to the ER with stomach issues just this past Monday.  He was admitted, and has a complete obstruction of his colon which they basically said is a tumor.  Bug surgery tomorrow to remove half the colon, hopefully no ostomy.  Then waiting for pathology.  There's some other palpable mass on his abdominal wall, they have no idea what that is.  I'm not even 100% sure what the thinking is for that piece.  Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, I am glad I found this resource.  Thanks!

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It sounds like your ex is on the fast track, and getting taken care of quickly. That is good. I had to wait two weeks for my surgery, and I also had an obstruction. It was a long two weeks, and I thought for sure I was going to die before the surgery. So, I'm glad they are jumping right on it. Get the beast out, and go from there.

I'm glad you found the forum.



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That is how I found out I had cancer, except mine had punctured the colon, and my stomach was full of infection. Not sure about the abdominal mass, but I know while I was in surgery, my surgeon looked for other tumors, although they already knew about the huge ones on my iver from the scan.

When they say don't lift 5 pounds, make sure he knows that includes opening a window or door that uses a lot of force. Oh, and when I was in the hospital, walking helped me get that first BM so that I could leave. I did not get a bag, so not sure if different with that, but defintely walking helps. 

Hope all goes as well as possible.

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Sure does, I was getting a sigmoidoscopy on my wife's birthday, with plans to go have a great lunch, shop for her gift, and enjoy the day out. Then wham, all plans are out the window as we scrambled for the full colonoscopy, to find a surgeon without insurance, get on Medi-Cal with a $5000 monthly co-pay, after paying for scans and down payment on the surgery. Was told to plan for chemo after, which was 16k+ per session as I recall. Then it was wait and wonder until the surgery, like three weeks, then wait and wonder until healed up enough to do Folfox, followed by 10 years of more tests, more surgery, more wait and wonder, as it turned out. It definitely rearranges your plans, priorities, savings, in one big hurry, followed by lots of waiting and wondering, until you train your mind a bit to not live and stress that way. Good luck to you...................................................................Dave

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