Is There A Way To Get Email Notifications When Anyone Replies To Your Post

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I have tried to find if there is somehwere where I can set my profile to get emials whne anyone replies to a pots or commnet I make so that I don;t have to keep logging onto te webiste and lookimng for my post but with no success.  If anyone can  guide me I'd appreciate it. 


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    CSN Notifications

    I mentioned this in another post, but I'll include it here for anyone who may have missed it previously.

    You can set an option to receive an email when another member has sent you a private message (see CSN Email). But I am not aware of any way to receive an email notification when someone has responded to a discussion topic.

    If you are logged in, you'll see the "x new" under the Replies column in the topic list that flags new messages you haven't read yet. Then the word "New" appears in the replies. But the new message may not relate to the post you previously made, but rather to another member's comment. 

    If you forget when you made a post or responded to someone else's question (it happens, especially when you've been online for a while) you can go to "My CSN Space" and then check "My Posts." That will show both the topics you've originated and your responses to topics originated by others.