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Help future patients decide between mastectomy vs lumpectomy

Monday, May 10, 2021 - 6:15pm
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Hello everyone,


The following request is voluntary and done with altruistic motives to help future cancer patients. If you are interested in contributing to breast cancer research, please keep reading.


There are so many feelings that come with being diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the most common feelings is being extremely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the news and the decisions one must quickly make. Deciding where to get treated and what treatment option to choose is central in battling this disease.

I am a medical student who has recently worked with a breast cancer surgeon for several weeks. I witnessed many patients getting diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer also runs in my family. The experiences of seeing family members getting diagnosed and working with the surgeon affected me a lot. I could see and feel how overwhelming it is to receive that diagnosis. I noticed how many patients had to decide between mastectomy and lumpectomy with radiation. Several patients would initially not have a clear idea on what surgical option would be best for them.


I recently started working on a project with the researcher/physiologist Dr. Harvey N. Mayrovit to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients navigate their way through surgical treatment options. We will create a guide based on the experiences of patients who have been through the different phases of treatment which will hopefully help many women out there. The guide will provide information about pain level, cosmetic factors, and overall satisfaction among other things. Our goal is for future patients to have a good knowledge base of the two surgical treatment options that comes directly form the experiences of breast cancer survivors before deciding which option works best for them.

If you are a female breast cancer survivor who has undergone either a mastectomy or lumpectomy with radiation on or before 11/01/2020, please support this research by taking part in our anonymous survey which would take less than 3 minutes.


Research survey:   https://forms.gle/TV813R3K5KZYHLZz9  




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