Keytruda news and some kras inhibitors

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Seems Keytruda is becoming important for extending life in MSI patients, as the FDA has approved another use for the drug

As you can see at the link, there are several succeses, perhaps not important to us in the crc world as these are proving effective for non-small cell lung cancer.

Looking at other info, researchers are making inroads on some KRAS G12 mutations and solid tumors, nothing for CRC specifically but there are a couple of drugs in the pipeline for this year and trials beginning on others that are promising.

It appears as if there's a lot of focus on kRAS mutations in the research world. Seems like those focusing on mRNA are the ones really looking for cures rather than extension but all the news is promising. Let's hope for the best!



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    That is good news!  Yes, lets

    That is good news!  Yes, lets hope for the best.  They have been trying for something for over 30 yrs now.

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    Yeah everything to kick cancers butt is good news. I was hoping for drugs against G12V. Tbh I was kind of expecting it to get a rush after they got G12C drug against lung cancer approved last year. It was just the first step. 

    Now it just needs to get tested for other cancers besides lung. 

    Let us hope for the best!