Dreaded blockage

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I've been doing so good lately. Then last week I lost my mind and actually ate an apple... Peel and all.

I know better, it just sounded so good and darn it, it did!

Thursday afternoon I started vomiting and it was nonstop until Friday at the ER.

And the dreaded NG tube.

Ugh. Just awful. The doctor called the surgeon and there was a CT that showed blockage. Then some discussion about scar tissue.

But here's the good thing, the NG tube did it's thing. it took the pressure off my bowel and it straightened back out.

So now I know I can never again eat apple peels. I've not had any problems with food. So to avoid any future problems ... All my Ostemate mates... What food should I totally avoid? What else can I do to avoid blockage.





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    My mum used to say...

    'Live and learn'

    I'm sorry you had to go through that, but glad that you know 'for sure' what not to eat in future. 


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    Tia,   so sorry about your

    Tia,   so sorry about your obstruction.  I had one a year ago and they are no fun!  I hate the NG tube also but was so glad it took care of things.  Much better than surgery.  I don't know any specific foods but I know I have to keep everything moving.  If I get constipated I take lactulose right away and that usually takes care of it.  Keeping you in my prayers.   Debbie

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    I'm sorry to hear that.  Peels are very hard to digest and don't break down very well at all.  I'm glad that it straightened itself out and that you are feeling better.  Next time, just peel it :)