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New treatment option for dMMR endometrial cancer

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Dostarmilab (brand name Jemperli), a monoclonal antibody, has received accelerated approval for recurrent/advanced endometrial cancer associated with deficient mismatch repair (dMMR) and previously treated with platinum-containing chemotherapy.

Here's the press release: PD-1 Inhibitor Approved for dMMR Endometrial Cancer

I believe this is for cancers with microsatellite instability (like Lynch syndrome). Maybe someone else familiar with dMMR can confirm this? I'm microsatellite stable, so I don't know about dMMR.

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How wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Tamlen!

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Thanks for sharing Tamlen. Another tool in our toolbox.

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My understanding is that microsatellite instability (MSI-H) results from impaired DNA mismatch repair (dMMR). While some instances of MSI-H/dMMR are caused by Lynch Syndrome, others result from somatic mutations in the tumor itself.

As someone with Lynch, I'm always interested in new treatments for MSI-H/dMMR. Thanks for posting,

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I am MSI which led to testing of the MLH1 gene for Lynch. When it came back positive for methylation Lynch was ruled out. So I am looking at dMMR even though the methylation occurred--methylation can have the same effect--the gene doesn't work and the end result is that chemo doesn't work. So Keytruda is approved for dMMR and MSI-H tumors and Jemperli is approved for dMMR. I think they work roughly the same way. I feel like I need to take a biology class!


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