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Best Course of Action

Fleet Foot
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Joined: Feb 2021

PSA levels slowly rising, still slightly below the BCR level three years after RALP, blood work has been every six months since the surgery.

What should happen next, if it rises over the .2 level?   Watchful waiting?  Radiation?  Or some type of ADT?  Or a combination of the latter two?

I'm a month away from 75, HBP, high cholesterol (medications for both).  Exercise daily.  Watch my diet.  Work is not an issue.

I'm a pretty good patient, but don't care to continue with some type of treatment if I may potentially outlive the PCa anyway.  So am leaning to not having anything done other than routine blood work until it reaches such a level that to not have some type of treatment is stupid.




Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3's picture
Max Former Hodg...
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The Best Practices liklihood for you, if you were confirmed in clinical relapse, would be IMRT, either with or without HT.   Another possibility, considering your age, would be HT alone.

Fleet Foot
Posts: 15
Joined: Feb 2021

Max, I don't even known what HT is.

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Hi Fleet,

If it was me I would want to find the cancer first then treat it.  PET, Bone, MRI scans would be my choice to find, then some form of radiation to kill the cancer.  Hormone therapy like Max said could also be part of the treatment plan.  You should work out a plan with the best Oncologist in your area based on the info you get from the test scans.   Great doctors+great facilities = great results.

Dave 3+4

Fleet Foot
Posts: 15
Joined: Feb 2021

Cleveland guy, thanks.  Makes sense.

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