Almost 15 years ago...

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I got that bad news phrase, "the US found a mass in your kidney......and one or two in your liver." First you cry, then you look for resources, then you pull up your big girl panties and decide to fight it to live.

Just had my Onc. nurse visit.  After my eGFR took a brief dip into Stage 4 CKD, it has come back up.  I've been drinking lots more water, about 64 oz/day.

Next fall, I'll have a yearly CT and follow-up appointment.

Meanwhile, I just had my 2nd Covid shot on Friday.  On Saturday I sat wrapped in a blanket with the heat on, trying to get warm.  Sunday was semi-normal and I'm OK today.

Best wishes to all my "buddies" on the board, and good luck and hugs to the newbies.



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    Congratulations, Donna! On the 15 years, on the improved GFR, and on your 2nd COVID shot! 


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    Congratulations from a newbie for 15 years you give me hope 

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    Our Matriarch

    Donna, you are definitely one of the leaders of our support group.  15 years....Imagine the number of people you have impacted with your story, words of wisdom, and caring spirit.


    Thank you, Donna, for all you do!


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    Congratulations Donna on both

    Congratulations Donna on both the 15 milestones and the 2nd covid shot!


    Everytime I read your story, it shows what a fight you have been through and it gives me the courage to face it!

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    15 years after getting Stage

    15 years after getting Stage 4 diagnosis, being NED, being positive, being an inspiration! Congratulations, Donna, and thank you for supporting us here!


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    Congratulations Donna!

    Thanks for your support and hope!

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    We are too old for this.

    We are too old for this.








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    Never too old

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I guess I earned them the hard way.  I admit, it hasn't always been easy, expecially this last year.  What seems the worst is that even when the grandkids finally get to play a weird sports season at their schools, we can't even go watch.  Our gr-daughter is on the Varsity Volleyball team (playing in March/April) and they are undefeated so far.  I feel it's important for the families to support the kids, if they can be there.

    We had some very foolish people expose a lot of others to Covid during the Xmas/NY holidays, and the whole county has paid the price, with Extreme closures up until this Friday, when we go to High, which for Oregon means 25% seating in restaurants.  

    Now it's Spring and I bought flats of plants yesterday.  Time to be outside and dig in the soil, which I plan to do this weekend.

    Iceman, Age is a state of mind.  My knee (hole worn in the meniscus) and ankle (broken/dislocated/and patched with plates and screws) reminds me to go slowly.  Let's wear out, not rust out.

    Hugs to all,


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    Donna, I love your posts;

    Donna, I love your posts; they give some much-needed perspective and positivity.

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    Congratulations!!  You are

    Congratulations!!  You are definitely an inspiration!