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Second round of antibiotics ahead of head/neck CT

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Not much new to report. My insurance is apparently  pushing back on the testing. The ENT is having me do a second round of antibiocs and return in a little less than two weeks. 

The supraclavicular lumps have been increasing, so he seems set on a biopsy and did say excisional would be best. Won't know until the CT though, and that's if the antibiotics don't work. I'm not thrilled to be on another course of the antibiotics so soon-- the side effects are a bit sucky! But hopefully something changes. 

They may do a tongue biopsy at the same time as the nodes; or address that separately if the nodes go down. 

I'm wondering if this could all be a fluke-- the fatigue is still going on, but it isn't killing me. The weight loss is getting bad. I'm bruising like crazy, but my last CBC was normal so no anemia I guess. Don't seem to have classic night sweats-- just intense sweating above the neck at night. 

I have also had some weird aching right above my inner elbow in the last weeks and there are absolutely tiny almost grains beheath the tissue when you feel them. Only on the left. He felt them but didn't offer an opinion beyond he might try to get the Ct to include further down my trunk. 

Dante S
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Please forgive me if you have updated this somewhere else...I saw your original post from Janaury and read all posts after...just wondering if anything new has come up.  I know how stressful it can be waiting for results.


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In Melt's last post on April 10 (here), she indicated that she had just been diagnosed with dermatomyositis. So, a rhumatological condition - not lymphoma. She has not posted since. I hope she has found an appropriate treatment and that she is feeling better at this point.

Dante S
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Thank you

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