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For me this has been a rollercoaster ride. After feeling like my oncologist of four years was giving up on me, I sought a second and third opinion. I am now being treated at City of Hope, and have met with thoracic surgeons. I am currently on my 8th round of Folfiri and it has reduced the size of all three of my nodules on my right lung. The largest nodule now reads 3mm and the rest are 2mm.  My recent CT scan read two nodules in my liver and I will have an MRI in two weeks to make sure. I was told they need to be certain the nodules are nothing before I can proceed with surgery. In the meantime I am like so many of us taking it day by day, treatment after treatment. 

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I'm glad that you sought a 2nd and 3rd opinion because now it seems the treatment is starting to work.  I'm hoping that the treatments continue to work and you will be able to have your surgery soon.


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that your things are shrinking down. 

I am glad that you have found an Oncologist who is working with you, and making things work. It is definitely worth searching, when things aren't as you would like them to be. 

It is quite the ride, and I hope soon you can get off that ride and walk on solid ground. 


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Thank goodness you got the 2nd opinion!

Fingers crossed the scan shows that surgery is an option.

Yes, its a rollercoaster ride for sure.  The dips, turns and twists are always changing.

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