Ten Year Check In

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It's been too long since my last post, three years or so. Still checking boxes on metastasis types, but quality of life is good.  Can't say enough about the essential medical field workers who take care of us all. Have been meaning to update the CSN group and check on others, as CSN was such a big part of helping me get my head around my original diagnosis.

Im retired now and intend to check in more often in support of any newbies, I know how important CSN is for so many. 


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    Glad you're still with us.

    That means you're alive, and we need all the "kidney" donors to hang in there.  Iceman has me beat, but I'm approaching 15 years.

    Hubby and I both got #1 Covid shots on Friday.  Moderna.  Injection site was a little sore for about 48 hrs., but no complications.