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Covid Vaccine and false Cancer tests

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My dad is scheduled for his first covid vaccine shot next week then another april 9th with a ct scan scheduled towards the end of april so I'm glad you posted this I had no idea . 

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Sure enough the lymph near my husbands collorbone grew...CT was just a few days after his first shot. Whew!!!! I mean he still had issues having been off of all treatments for months but that spot was just the icing on the cake! Me, I had a swollen gland in my left arm pit...Kind of freaked but it went away then the news came out. Okay I will still get the mamogram but later down the road. One day at a time right now. 

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I got a scan two days after my first dose. I made sure to tell my oncologist office via portal so he doesn't freak me out Tues if my results are otherwise good. I agree it should be more widespread knowledge. I found out because I was googling to make sure the contrast for scan was okay two days after vaccine. 

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