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I'm frustrated

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Okay ..

I had a physical 2nd week in Jan. I asked my family Doc to do a PSA - FREE PSA, as I wanted to know that I was still in range of what 'was' ....

He called me back - Your PSA went from 10.1 - to 14.7. Your Free PSA went from 8.9 to 1.7.

He refered me back to my Urologyst who told me - "... nothing to worry about you are fine ..." 0..o

My family doctor was a bit upset but did not want to 'over step' his bounds w/the Urologyst ....


> I FIRED THE UROLOGYST, as I was going, "I want to at least be seen and verified?" 

> NO - he did not see the need to schedule an appointment, even if to put my mind to ease.


Should I be concerned. I had a biopsy and I do have Prostate Cancer .... but I'm trying to figure out why the JUMPS?

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You did the right thing, firing that dope.  Your PSA was already high, and it increased nearly 50% in whatever time span since the previous results.   Any urologist who thought that irrelevant is not a urologist that an intelligent person would deal with.

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I certainly agree with firing that urologist. He/she is not doing their job.

You have had a positive biopsy, so are you on active surveillance, or planning a treatment? Those changes in your pathology are concerning. What has been your plan?

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You need to find a good Urologist and Oncologist to discuss your next step.  More testing would be advised, MRI or PET scan to see if the cancer has escaped the Prostate.  A psa of 14.7 is high.  What was your gleason score?

Dave 3+4

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In my lay person opinion, you need to find and engage with a Medical Oncologist.  This professional should be your primary consultant for your entire prostate cancer (PCa) journey.  This person will guide you in your upcoming treatment choices (though the final decision regarding any of these potential choices is always yours and yours alone to make).  A Medical Oncologist has no pre-conceived allegiances regarding specific treatment options and follow-up plans and choices. 

I have been under the guidance of a Medical Oncologist for my entire 10 year PCa journey, and this professional has assisted me in the evaluation of various treatment options at various points in my PCa journey, and to date, I've had surgery, radiation, and hormone treatments.  I would not approach it in any other way.

I wish you the best of outcomes on your PCa journey.

Old Salt
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Most of us on this Forum recommend talking to both a radiation oncologist and a urologist before settling on a course of action. Both are specialists, but many are only knowledgeable about their own specialty.

Clevelandguy mentioned this earlier...

Finally, for us to be helpful, please provide us with your biopsy report.

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