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More heartbreaking news

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Just found out my dad's urologist Dr Brain Lane has terminal cancer and the news is actually heartbreaking to me even during my dad's surgery he had the cancer and was in remission but it came back and has spread . I literally have tears in my eyes he was so kind and explained everything to me after my dad's surgery . He has such a positive attitude and was just on the news cause the NFL is giving him a super bowl ticket cause he really is a fan of tom brady and wants to see a super bowl . All in all its a amazing and heartbreaking story that makes me so thankful my dad is still here today and it makes me thankful for all the doctors and nurses that are true heros . 

Its been a hard week with my uncle getting cancer now this and my dad has another pet scan on feb 15th so the worry over that seems to be growing with all this bad news around . I just wanted to share what is a amazing story of a amazing man even though he battled cancer he was still helping others . I know he'll never see this but thank you brain lane your a hero to me . Also I really feel like I need to do something for Dr Lane maybe a card or a phone call but I don't know whats right to do any ideas ? 


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I took my original surgeon, Dr. Haddad a basket of chocolates for his staff, after I'd healed up a bit. He was such a kind, soft-spoken man. Four years later I read his obit. in the newspaper and felt deeply sad, he was only four years older, and that a man whose work had saved so many, couldn't extend his own time, seemed so unjust, somehow............................................Dave

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How very sad.  It's difficult to get news like that, especially coming from a doctor that is treating your father.  You almost want to think of them all as invincible.  Hopefully he can beat this into remission again.


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