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Happy Birthday to Trubrit (Sue)

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Joined: Apr 2017

Please join me in wishing Trubrit (Sue) a very happy birthday on Tuesday, December 22.  I believe she is turning 26 this year.

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Joined: Apr 2020

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I hope your day is filled with love and joy!

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 721
Joined: Jul 2016

Happy Birthday Sue! Many more 26th birthdays to you.

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Joined: Feb 2009

Hope your day was special and you got to celebrate.  Thanks for keeping track of all the other birthdays.  Today is your day - enjoy.


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Joined: Jan 2019

Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

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Joined: Nov 2019

Happy Birthday to you, Tru!!!  

Merry Christams to you and family!

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Posts: 84
Joined: Dec 2020

wishing you a good birthday! 

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Joined: Mar 2019

Tru,I hope you had a great one. And have a wonderful Christmas as well!

All the best,


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Joined: Jun 2017

  Happy birthday!  Wow, a whole 26 years old. SandiaBuddy, you know it's impolite to tell a young ladies age in public, lol. Merry Christmas and an NED new year. 

Posts: 420
Joined: Apr 2018

To a rare gem and truly caring person! Hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest!


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Posts: 310
Joined: Feb 2020

Happy Birthday, Trubrit! Welcome to the club of 26 year olds:)

I wish you all the best and a merry Christmas! 

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Joined: Jan 2010

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating an additional year of life.  Live it to the fullest!

Marie who loves kitties

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Posts: 1340
Joined: Feb 2015

All the best for your birthday and every other day

Posts: 308
Joined: Oct 2018

Happy happy birthday to the rock who never fails to extend warmth, caring and support for each of us here no matter the journey!!


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Joined: Jan 2013

all of you who have posted birthday wishes -  Mojo & New, I believe I prefer these dancers. Too darn old for the real ones. 

Sandia, I love the age - I was a newly wed and it was all fun and games back then. 

I have had a wonderful day. I took my traditional Lemon Meringue Pie treat up to my small canyon and ate it for breakfast, surrounded by snow, as the creek rushed by. I swear it was singing birthday wishes to me. 

I got to talk to my brother in England. My best friend in Oregon. And a wonderful two plus hours FaceTime, with my friend of 50 years, who is also in England. So you see, the perfect brithday all around. 

Happy Day!

Happy year ahead is what I pray for myself, and for all of us. 


Real Tar Heel
Posts: 254
Joined: Nov 2019

Happy birthday~

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Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

Happy Belated Birthday Tru! I'm glad you had an amazing day!

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Posts: 148
Joined: Mar 2019

Tru. Your description of your day makes me smile...it is exactly what would make me happy as well. 

All the best,


Posts: 1282
Joined: Apr 2012

How could I miss your birthday yesterday??  Hope it was a great one!

My only granddaughter's birthday was December 24.  My wife always made sure she was sent a birthday present as well as a Christmas present.  

Have a great Chritmas as well!



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Joined: Apr 2016

And here's to many more!!



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Posts: 453
Joined: Feb 2016

Happy happy! I hope you enjoyed your day!


Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

Happy Birthday to one of my first friends on this forum. May you have many more Happy Birthdays Tru.

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Posts: 323
Joined: Jan 2017

I hope youhad a very lovely birthday.  Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


Posts: 14
Joined: Sep 2019

Belated Happy Birthday Tru. Wish you a great year ahead.

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Joined: Aug 2013

I'm sure I wished you a Happy Birthday on some thread, but it's not here, Sue, so Happy Birthday again, and enjoy all your days!............................................Dave

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