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Yay! Finally finished the 12th round of Folfox

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I finally finished Folfox! Yay! Thank you for all your support and helping me talk with my doctor.  It was very grueling, but I am thankful to have the support of this community.  


I am not sure what is next... as I was very advanced stage IIIC, but I am taking everything one moment at a time.  Thank you for your love friends. 

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Congrats to you!!!  Have you had surgery yet?


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Glad the chemo ordeal is over and you can get your body built back up form its effects! Good luck on the next step, whatever that may be! Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

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FOLFOX is not for sissies, and we are a bunch of strong folks here, including you. 

Continue to keep yourself hydrated, and flush that excess chemo out from your body as fast as you can, and safely. 

Every day is a new day; enjoy it to the fullest.


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Kudos!  Just finished 5th round of Folfox and really starting to feel the cumulative effects.  Happy for you!  Best wishes on your next steps and keep fighting!

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Thank you! 

I had surgury back in April... right in the midst of CoVID. It was very hard... but to say everyone on this forum is full of courage is an understatment.  I will be getting PET scans every 3 months for the next couple of years.  Hoping results come back ok.  

Yes... living everyday to the fullest... filled with love and joy.  Sending light my friends.  

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Ya,  I'm sure it was extremely hard in the middle of covid!!!  My surgery was the day they announced it to the world that it was in Washington.

Stick with your ND thru the survaillance period.

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Completing chemo is an accomplishment and the time afterwards can be a time of peace and healing.  No matter what the future holds, you will become stronger and perhaps learn to focus on the moment and the good in life.  I wish you all the best in the future months and years.

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Hello Allidiosyoga  I'm so glad your finished with chemo! I have heard folfox is a rough chemo! I'm a stage 4 B endometerial cancer survivor different chemo. But same hell! But Im finally NEd Dx June 2018!  🙏🙏🙏 for you to be NED soon too  lol Yetti 


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That is so wonderful to hear.  Enjoy your holiday season and the fact you are done with your treatments.  Thank you for the update and let us know how you are doing.


Real Tar Heel
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Bravo! You made it. You never know what will come, so celebrate a little bit. The regular scans are a pain, and stressful. Do whatever you can to relax and avoid thinking of them (and maybe avoid this place) in between. If all you really do is yoga you have a good thing to rely on!

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