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12 Years Ago

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Wow, it's been 12 years since diagnosis.  It was the day before Thanksgiving for me to have my first colonoscopy, and that is when they discovered the tumor that my doctor thought was a hemorrhoid.  That was the hardest Thanksgiving of my life as the news was kept from my 8 children so they were able to enjoy their day.

My life is far from normal even though I've been NED, however, I'm still here 12 years later and have seen multiple grandchildren born and several of my kids married, and I'm still married to the most amazing husband and caregiver anyone could ever ask for. 

Just wish that suggested colonoscopies were at 40-45 years of age (mine was 50) as that would have saved me from my diagnosis.  Anyone that is hesitant to get one done shouldn't be as it is so easy.  It's just the prep that is a bummer to get through.

My "About Me" page is there for anyone who would care to look at my story. 

Everyday all of you are in my thoughts and prayers and wish you all much health.

Hugs!  Kim


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No pun intended, eh 

12 year, not 12 easy years; I certainly understand that.

Congratulations for this wonderful milestone. 


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Congratulations on your continued health on this anniversary date.

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What a wonderful anniversary! Here's wishing 12+ more years! 


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Congratulations on your 12 year anniversary and the wonderful events that you have been able to witness.

I definitely hear you about life being far from normal even once declared NED.

Best wishes for the future,


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Congratulations. That was very well written and I felt every word.

All my best


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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! Thanks for helping so many people here. 

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  I'm barely at 3 and still wondering.  Making it to 12 and going strong, that's awsome. It's encouraging and good to hear.

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That is so amazing and so happy for you, you are such an thoughtful and caring person! 

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Congratulations to the dozen! I am really happy for you and I can not imagine how you feel each year during these days. 

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Hope you remember me.  Congratulations on the 12 years.  I do check the board from tme to time and it is heartbreaking to see so many friends from 12 years ago gone.  But, life does go on.  I remember you coming to the funeral home for my George and to this very day, means so very much, that you took the time from your busy life to do so. 

I did have a health scare this summer, a stage 1a, 3 mm, breast cancer discovered on ultrasound.  Had a lumpectomy and radiation, and am now healed.  Fingers crossed.  U of M went beyond taking care of me, never needed nor took a pain pill.  I cannot say enough good about them.  It was no fun doing all of this during Covid, especially since you could bring no one excdpt for surgery, but any and all precautions were taken including testing for Covid.  I have had video follow up appointments and I could not believe how easy they made it for people to do. 

I have rambled on enough.  I am so happy for you.

Hugs,  Tina 

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It is good to 'see' you in the avatar, and not the dancing cat. 

I am sorry to hear about your own run-in with Cancer. So glad that you caught it early and are doing well. 

It is always good to see you pop on the forum. 


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Oh my goodness, it is so good to see your post.  Yes, the funeral home was such a somber place to meet, but I'm glad that we got to meet one another since you were so active on this board and we were so close in distance. 

I'm so sorry to hear of your health scare and that U of M took such good care of you.  Sounds like you got that battle behind you and can be thankful they caught it.

So glad that you are able to pop in from time to time and check out our posts.  You are right, there are a lot of them that have passed away or just are no longer posting.  I'm still here trying to help those new ones on the boards if I'm able.

Please let us know how you are doing in the future as it's always good to see such a wonderful, caring and past member.



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Congrats Kim on 12 years of ''clearity'', though I'm with you on the earlier testing. I was 49 1/2 and following the program when my pop said he just was told he had colon cancer. He was 80, so I didn't get a sense of urgency, until I was in Vegas two weeks later, and little pink drops showed up in my shower pan. It was a long two months to wait to get scoped, then time stood utterly still when the doctor said cancer, a big mass that looked old and brittle. His term on the phone to the surgeon was that I ''was sitting on a firecracker''. The anxiety and urgency I felt that day and the ones that followed is still quite vivid in my memory. One thing I vowed is that my son is not going to make the same mistake of waiting, if I have to drag him when he's 30, or earlier if he shows any sign. Anyway I hope this Thanksgiving was a good one, you have a lot of family to enjoy, and watch grow..................................................Dave

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You were "young" when you were diagnosed as well.  It's hard when you know that the age limit should be lowered and wish both of us would have gotten tested 10 years prior.  My son goes in a couple weeks and he just turned 40, this will be his second one.  It's good that you keep the pressure on with your son to get tested early as it does make a difference.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we had much to be thankful for.


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Congrats on 12 years!


I was 38 when I was diagnosed.... and the doctor said I likely had cancer for a very long time.  He said it take 5 years to go through the colon wall.  I have a friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer at 27! I too wish the age for testing would be lowered.  


Hugs friend.  

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Thank you everyone for your kind words.  You are an amazing group and I'm glad that I'm still here 12 years later to give encouragement and help when I'm able.

Hugs!  Kim

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12 is a beautiful number.  Here is to many many more.

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