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University of Utah / Huntsman Institute "Rad2Nivo" Clinical trial

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Hello, I am setting up this thread for my "Round 2" of clinical trials with the Rad2Nivo trial. The earlier thread on the SWOG 1216 lupron / TAK-700 (Oteronel) trial was quite long and the topic has changed so I feel this is appropriate. The conclusion of the success of TAK-700 (Oteronel) per Dr. A is that it will probably be a negative success. Even though it worked extremely well for me, overall TAK-700 does not outperform already FDA approved meds like Zytiga and Xtandi and there is alot of crossover action that negates the effectiveness of Zytiga and Xtandi after Pca has become "wise" to TAK-700 (Oteronel) treatment. However Dr.. A said I got the same if not better benefit initially from TAK-700 as I would have starting with Zytiga and I did not need Prednisone along with the TAK-700 so that was a plus. 4+ years survival after an expected 36 mos of survival without TAK- 700 so that's good for me. This closes out my previous thread.

The new trial combines Xofigo (Radium-223) and Opdivo (Nivolumab). Radiopharmaceutical coupled with immunotherapy. It has shown to have success up to 2 years after starting, so we'll see if it delays the need for chemotherapy for 2 more years. I will try to post timely updates on effectiveness, side effects and any other benefits / complications. It won't start until sometime in January / February 2021 so check back and stay tuned.

Until then, Best of success to all fighting this bandit.



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My right hip cancer lesion has become a surgery issue. I scored a 9 on the fracture screening at my orthopedic Dr. giving me a 33% chance of fracture now. Surgery is slated for mid January to have rod and screws installed. Secondly, I just spoke with Dr. A at Huntsman and it looks like the end of the road for hormone therapy and I am now refractory. He wants me to have both chemotherapy and radiation as soon as possible after the hip surgery. I will see him in April after everything else is done. He may have another immunotherapy trial for me by then. The only trials available now require me to be close enough to Huntsman to come in weekly and / or at a moments notice if need be and I live 5 hrs away and stiill work. Looks like 2021 is going to run me thru the mill. Merry Christmas everyone

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Happy holidays to you. Wishing you hope, health and happiness. I'm rooting for you. 

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Yes, I am rooting for you as well. I hope the hip surgery will go well and that the 'delay' in your prostate cancer journey will turn out to be a positive.

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I admire you positive attitude in confronting your present status. I hope that the new year brings you peace of mind.

Best wishes in your continuing journey. 


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