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Finally Decided To Take Care of it.

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Hello All,


Just wanted to inform the forum that I finally decided to do RP on September 24, 2020. Prior to surgery, biopsy showed 6 out of 12 cores positive with 3+3 Gleson 6. After RP pathology showed 2 3+4 Gleson 7.

The hardest part after RP was dealing with the cath for 7 days. After Cath was removed, I was prescribed sildenafil 20mg 1 take daily for 6 days and on the 7th day to take 5 tabs and try sexual activity for erection. I did and had 100% strong erection. This I am grateful for. Subsequently at week 2 after RP I tried Sildenafil 20mg, 1 tab and I also had erection about 95%. Tried on week 3 without Sildenafil and got erection about 80%. I tried 20mg 2 tabs and got 100% strong erection. I noticed a slight shrinkage in penis length, about hald an inch.

I do my kegel exercises 3 times a day, 10 squeezes per session but also do some when taking a shower. As for incontinence, I have thus far experienced no incontinence when asleep at night. I feel the urde to urinate and I wake up to pee. I am able to stop and start my pee as needed. My urine flow better now compared to before RP. I experence stress incontinence, about 2-3 drops when I laugh hard so I use a light pad as a precaution during the day. I have never used more than one pad per day. I will take my first PSA test post RP next week. Looking forward to a zero PSA result. I am pretty happy with my progress thus far.

Any advice on anything I need to do to recover faster will be appreciated. Thanks.

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From what you describe you are doing just fantastic!!  To have erections that quickly and just a little stress incontinence you sure beat me in my recovery.  Most RP folks heal for months if not a year or two before they plateau.  Sounds like you are doing all the right things with your Kegals, I still do mine five years later.  Hope future PSA tests are undetectable.  Keep on keepin on.

Dave 3+4

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Tha Dave!

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Thanks Dave!!!

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Congratulations. I admire the way you have lead your case since diagnosis. You serve as a good example to the new webies reading and looking for answers to their doubts in the forum.
I hope you get remission levels in your PSA test.

Here are the links to your story;

Best wishes,

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Thanks VG!

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Your recovery is extremely fast at speed of light.

No need to worry about any. 
I am just wondering how old are you?

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Thanks. I'll be 56 on November 5th.

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Has anyone any experience with PSA levels decreasing?

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Great update.  Sounds like you are weathering the side effects with ease.  Hope all of that continues and best wishes on your PSA.


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Yes indeed, I'm super pleased with my progress thus far. All my fears and concerns are defeated. looking forward to a zero PSA test result 

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Many thanks Lightwood!!!

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