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Liver Enzymes high

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My dad's liver enzymes are high 100-250 range the doc ordered a ultrasound to check it out . My question is to those who had there cancer spread to the liver is this how it starts ? I'm trying to stay positive but also can't help but wondering and just want to be prepared for the bad news thanks . 

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I know it is impossible and you are anxious but wait with the USG. Liver enzymes just tell you something about the livers condition. My dad for example only had increased bilirubin at his diagnosis, his eyes were slightly yellow. Due to chemo the liver enzymes increased. Now his bilirubin is there again but he is after surgeries and chemos. His markers are most likely to be strange. 

Your father is after a big surgery aswell with a lot of medication which are mostly metabolized by the liver. It is good that they are doing an ultrasound. But dont overthink that much and stay positive! I was as anxious and afraid 3 weeks ago too. It doesnt help you or your father. At the end it just steals your energy and whatever happens you will need this energy!

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It's just hard cause now we just found out he has another hernia ugh but your right thanks for the advice . 

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I have always had high enzymes, which continue to be a bit high after my treatments ended 3.5 years ago. Research "Gilberts Disease", as that is what my onc said was causing my liver enzymes to high. Basically, she said you'll just look a bit more tan than others around you, and she was right. Worth investigating anyway! I agree with saving your energy, you can't worry about things that you can't do anything about, so use it for things that you can control!

Good luck with your Dad.


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No symptoms that would alert anyone about a dysfunctional liver in my case. It just happened. wait on the scan.

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I had both high enzyme results a couple times and recurrances in my liver, but they didn't happen together, so I'd avoid making that connection..................................Dave

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