Travel day for a second look by someone else

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Tomorrow I will be going to Penn State Canter Center In Hershey. I will be getting another look at my liver problems by a different doctor. My ablation last month got most of it but a MRI follow up showed something around the edges of the tumor. I have been dealing with the liver mets since January of this year. Just looked in there with a camera then back on more chemo. After that 2 CT scans showed nothing, or so I was told. Got an MRI and it showed a 2cm tumor on segment 8. Well I don't think 2 cm just pops up in a month. Got the ablation last month and here we are. Time for another look by a different surgeon. I have been feeling fine. At times I can't believe that I am stage 4. I feel too good. Anyway tomorrow I will have a chest CT, Liver MRI blood work and a meeting with the surgeon. Hope to get all this over with soon.  Hershey is only 2 1/2 hours away so for surgery it's not bad. It sounds and seems like a much better hospital.


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    CT Scans

    When my CEA jumped and jumped again, my Onc ordered a CT scan which showed nothing. My CEA continued to jump, so he ordered a PET Scan, which showed a tumour in the liver. 

    When the surgeron went in to do the ablation, he discovered that the tumour was even bigger than measured on the PET scan. It was bigger than what they normally do an ablation on.  Thankfully he went ahead with the surgery and I have been NED ever since. 

    So, I know that CT scans can miss tumours, even bigger ones. And even the PET wasn't totally accurate.  I guess it isn't a perfect science.

    I'm wishing all the best for your visit to Penn State Cancer Center, and I hope you get some good information. 

    Enjoy every moment of feeling good - I've no doubt you are doing that already.  I remember when I was newly diagnosed and in that gut wrenching fearful stage, I was walking one morning and the sunrise was spectacular. I stood there and I was so happy, then I realized that I had Cancer, and was shocked that I could feel happy. That was an eye opener for me, and made me realize that even though our prognosis can be quite dire, we can still feel good and feel happy. And I learned after that it was IMPORTANT to feel good and happy. 

    We're with you every step of the way, Tom M.  We've got your back. 


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    Good Luck

    My dad just got the news his liver emzymes are high  and they want to do a ultrasound to so he may be dealing with this soon . But I wish you luck hopefully this new surgeon can find a way to help you out . 

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    Good luck!  Let us know who

    Good luck!  Let us know who the doc is and what they think pretty please.

    I had a scan recently and had every imagineable kind of surgeon waiting on the side for a consult if scan lit up.  Nothing lit up though thank goodness.

    I am also consulting oncs in all 4 corners to see what the rest of the world is doing there for my own knowledge.  Might need to apply some other techniques sometime, Idk.

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    Wishing the best

    Wishing you the best. 


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    May you end up Ned forevermore!!