RGCC - Group (Research Genomic Cancer Center)

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Quesion for the group: Has anyone heard of RGCC - Group? <Content removed by CSN Support Team> I have just started researching them. I have two tumors RCC in my pancreas, my doctors have given me two choices, one is major surgery to remove pancreas, spleen, gallbadder and part of stomach, other is to start immunotherapy. My oncologist is recommending pembrolizumb plus axitinib, why these two drugs, I have no idea, I guess there the best for me. This is where RGCC comes in, I'm still researching this company, but what I have found sounds very promising. First you submit a blood sample, they do a liquid biopsy where they screen your cancer cells in your blood againist 200+ cancer fighting agents like chemo, immunotherapy treatments and any holistic medicines and pick out which one of these treatments are best in fighting your cancer with less side effects. Ever wonder why we react differently to the same treatment? Because each of us have different genetics in our body. After RGCC completes the blood analysis they send to you and your doctor a 30 page report retailing which drug/treatment/holistic is best to fight your individual cancer, this will give you a better chance at fighting your particular type of cancer. I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube, once in YouTube you type in "RGCC test testimentals", their are two that I watched that gave me a good overview of their program. The first one was "RGCC & Case studies part 2" it is only about a couple of weeks old, the other is "Jeff's holistic cancer journey vlog 15". Again I'm hoping to hear from anyone who's tried or heard about this program, to me it looks promising. Anyone?