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Port removal

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Looking for some advice. I was diagnosed triple negative in April. I just finished chemo two weeks ago and have a lumpectomy scheduled in two weeks. My surgical oncologist suggested taking out my port during the lumpectomy to save me from having another procedure. My oncologist agreed to that, but also said it's ultimately up to me. Would love some advice from others on their thoughts and experiences with port removal. Is this too soon? I am new to finding this site, and have found so much good information and advice. I only wish I had found you all sooner!



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I too had TNBC.  I had a right mastectomy followed by 16 rounds  of chemotherapy. After the mastectomy I had a port put in. It was a great decision to have it put in but I was never emotionally comfortable with it. I was creeped out when I would run my fingers across it and it was yet another reminder of the cancer journey.  I chose to have it removed shortly after I finished chemo. It was done in the office of my general  surgeon under local anesthesia.  In fact, I drove myself to and from his office. There was a strange tugging sensation and then it was over.  I had a couple of stitches to close the incision. My husband also has had cancer but his port didn't bother him at all. He kept his port for maybe 2 years  after chemo was over. To each his own. If you choose to keep your port and it is not being used, you must make regular visits to your doctor's office to have it flushed. Something to keep in mind if you live any distance away. Either way you cannot go wrong. By the way, this was 10 years ago! Let us know what you decide.



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I keep on thinking I wouldn't want one for years. I don't have one since I start tomorrow and without a port.

But I've read the discussions all over at the uterine board. I don't think I'll be one to keep it, so I've asked if another one can be put in if I need it.

This is the latest post about it.



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Irene: Thank you so much for your first hand account, it makes me feel so much better to hear from someone else who has been in my shoes. And knowing your treatment for TN was ten years ago is even more wonderful to read. I cant thank you enough for that and for connecting. I hope 10 years from now, I can be the light for someone else.

primavera: thanks for the link. it's really helpful and know that I'm thinking of you today.

i am so glad I found this site. It helps to have the support, especially now when so many programs aren't available. 

thank you,




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