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New Fallopian tube diagnosis

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Hi, Ladies

I'm new to this website. I've read a lot of posts and am impressed by the compassion and help available here.

I was just diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and am somewhat desperate for information and help. I had a total hysterectomy a month ago and everything "looked" OK. I had some post menopausal spotting and saw GYN. I had a polyp in my uterus and a small tumor on my ovary. CA125 was 20. Doctor thought there was no cancer, so didn't take any lymph nodes. Two weeks later I finally get the truth and there was a small tumor - 1 cm - inside tube and also on stroma of ovary (attachment ligament, but ovary clean). The other news was that he had done a peritoneal wash and it was positive for malignant cells.

He sent me to oncologist who says 1) I'm Stage 2, 2) tumor Grade 2, 3)now I need another surgery for staging...lymphadenectomy, and 4) I will have to have chemotherapy..every 3 weeks for 6 cycles.

The ONLY good news is that he said at least three times, "You're fixable." I CAN'T imagine that he would say that if he didn't believe it to be true. 

So, I'm having trouble finding out much about my cancer & prognosis because it's so rare. The few boards I have found here have pretty old postings.

Anything anyone can do to help me would be greatly appreciated! I'm still in a bit of shock and having a terrible time wrapping my head around this.



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While I had uterine cancer, not cancer in the fallopian tube(s), I know how shocking a cancer diagnosis is, especially when the cancer type is rare (I have an aggressive form of uterine cancer).

It's unfortunate that you have to go through another surgery for the lymphadenectomy, but it will provide a more accurate understanding of your current condition so that the treatment plan can be customized correctly. This particular board can be quiet at times, so if you need more support than it offers at the moment, I encourage you to also post on the uterine board, which is more active right now.

If paclitaxel (taxol) and carboplatin are the chemo drugs that are recommended for you, most of the women on the uterine board also had that protocol and can share their advice about dealing with any side effects.

Please check in with us on the uterine board as you learn more or just need to vent. We understand.

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