Exploratory Laparotomy

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So my dad is scheduled for a exploratory laparotomy and removal of pelvic mass and small bowl resection on sept 16 . There calling it a major surgery so I am pretty worried about it and noticed when I look up exploratory laparotomy that there is no mention of using that surgery to remove the prostate and bladder . Which is one of the things they are saying is likely to be needed . 


Now as I have said before some of my dad's past doctors I felt haven't been that good . But these are new doctors so I am just wondering is a exploratory laparotomy to remove the prostate and bladder ? 


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    The term exploratory laparotomy simply means that they're  opening up the abdomen to look inside and see what's going on to see what the problems are. The removal of any organs usually has the  suffix 'ectomy attached to it. For  example removal of the prostate would be a prostatectomy. Sometimes they do an exploratory laparotomy and based on what they find at that time they do what needs to be done as far as organ removal biopsies etc. I hope this helps.  Don't Be hesitant to ask the doctors exactly what they plan on doing they may or may not know exactly what they're going to do. But they should be able to give you a good idea.
    I hope all goes well with your father's surgery and that he has a quick and easy recovery.