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Just got my results

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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you know that I just saw my surgeon and got my results. No evidence of malignancy. The tumour is incredibly rare and the histopathology was something they hadn't really seen before. They are calling it a Hamartoma or unusual segmental dyspepsia. Its so rare that they are sending it to John Hopkins for a second opinion to confirm Hamartoma. Either way, its benign and requires no follow up. Thankyou for your support, it really helped going through the dark times of surgery and waiting. I dont know of this really makes me part of the club but I really felt like I was. Thankyou again.

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Bay Area Guy
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And you went to all the trouble to learn the secret handshake too.

Seriously, that's great news Sean.  Very, very happy for you.

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Great news, Sean! 

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Cool.  I'd come across the term before but had forgotten about it.  I guess we can consider you an honorary member for going through the pre-op emotions.

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How so do the others feel.









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I would have loved a beanie. Seriously guys. Thankyou so much again and good luck on your journeys. I wish you all the very best

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Congratulations, what can be better news than this!

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Oh congratulations, that’s fantastic news to you and your loved ones! 

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Thank you for letting us know! Wonderful news!

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You went thought the initiation (some kind of nephretomy), so you're part of the club :)

So glad to hear it was benign. 

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