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Tom M. & Real Tar Heel....

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Joined: Jan 2013

who are both in for surgery this week. 

Hoping for the best results and a complete recovery. 


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Joined: Apr 2017

Best wishes to both.

Posts: 1282
Joined: Apr 2012

May both of you and allof us end up NED!!!

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 705
Joined: Jul 2016

Thinking of you both.

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Joined: Apr 2020

May your spirit be strong 

May you be safe and protected

May you be filled with deep healing and goodness

May you be held by love

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Joined: Apr 2018

May the surgeries go extra well , results are optimal and recovery is quick!


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Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  Wishing the best for both of them.


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