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Enjoy Reading

Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

I really enjoy reading the coments on here, It is very comforting to see the care and compassion that everyone here has for one another. We all have our own battles and we all have each other. I pray for all of you.

worriedson714's picture
Posts: 325
Joined: Dec 2019

I enjoy reading the comments to it gives me hope no matter what my dad can continue to fight this and thanks for the prayers praying for everyone also

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6722
Joined: Feb 2009

Thank you for being a part of this group and your posts as well.  We follow each other's comments and learn so much from this group.  Some are just starting out and others, like me, have been here for some length of time.  No matter what the subject, we are always here for one another.  This group is always in my daily prayers and has been from the start.  It's the closeness that we all share and the comfort that we give to each other that helps us through as no one knows exactly what we are going through but the people that have actually been diagnosed with this type of disease.  Thank you for the uplifting post.


Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 721
Joined: Jul 2016

So true Annabelle. i am so grateful for this site and all the support I have found here. We gain so much information. Prayers to everyone.

AnneO1965's picture
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

I'm not a sharer by nature.. So I really don't post a whole heck of alot.. But I appreciate everyone on this forum.. For the words of encouragement, the words of wisdom and just a place to vent if needed. You all hold a very special place in my heart.

Thanks for being YOU!

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