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Chemo and Fitness

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 Last week I got diagnossed stage 2a Hodgkins Lymphoma.   I got my port put in yesterday (man, it hurts!). I start Chemo Monday, they are predicting 4-6 theropy's. I am a very active person.    My Dr. predicts that I will still have energy and beable to work out and stay active just fine.   I understand that chemo can affect everyone differently.   But, have any of you been able to stay in fitness during chemo? 

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I was worried about the same thing when I started Chemo last November 2019. I heard nightmare stories about doing chemo and doing six hours of it had me extremely worried. I even asked if I would be bedridden for most of my treatments. I can tell you I work out consistently. I started a bit more slowly but by the halfway mark, I was up to walking seven miles a day on average. I even did more than ten miles on certain days. I felt working out helped me get through the chemo and I urge others too if their doctor gives the okay. The only real issues I had were with sleep while on the high doses of prednisone and constipation. What kind of Lymphoma do you have if you like to share?

P.S I will tell you if you are on the 100mg of prednisone like many of us where you will have more energy on those days than normal!

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