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Lung filled with fluid.

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Back in 2016. My dad was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, large B cell lymphoma, kidney carcinoma, and clear cell kidney carcinoma. It was a hard fight and we almost lost him several times. He won. Was cancer free until about 4 months ago. The kidney cancer came back in the form of lung cancer. They caught it early and did radiation treatment. All treatment has been done for a couple of months. Everything looked good. 

Now he is in the hospital. His lung filled up with fluid. His cancer doctor said in a small percentage of patients this happens and they don't know why. 

Because of covid I can not go to the hospital to check on him. My dad is getting old and doesn't understand everything he is being told. He also won't ask questions. 


Has anyone experienced their lung filling up with fluid after cancer treatment. 

Will this happen again. 

Can someone share their experience with me so I have a better understanding. 




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