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T-cell ALL and BMT

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Our adult son was recently diagnosed with acute T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia and underwent one month inpatient Hyper-CVAD induction chemo with methotrexate (both infusions and spinal intrathecal) plus pegaspargase. Initially his hemoglobin was very low (4) with WBC through the roof, so received packed RBC transfusions and platelets, and a combination of antibiotics. There has been some mention of a bone marrow transplant, but no specifics were given.

We are unable to travel to be with him due to the COVID restrictions, and our own health. And because he is an adult, we have had only very little discussion with his oncologist directly. So we, as parents, are naturally worried about him when we don't have the whole picture. He seems to be handling the chemo very well... he looks and sounds good (for someone with leukemia). Both my wife and I are cancer patients/survivors (lymphoma) so we are no strangers. It's just that everything we know about his treatment gets filtered thru what he thinks he heard.

So my question is, how common is a bone marrow transplant in cases of T-ALL?  His onc says he has a good chance of going into remission by the end of this year. Thank you for any light you can shed on the matter.

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