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No evidence of disease! February marked 4 years since original diagnosis of stage 3 rectal cancer! May will mark 2 years NED since recurrence. I post this to let newcomers and those who are going through treatment know that there’s hope. I went from stage 3 to 4 and out! I aggressively fought this disease and you can too.

Good Luck to everyone! Stay healthy.


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I am so happy for you!!!  Congrats...Thank you for sharing, gives me hope.

Stay safe!

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congratulations! And another reason to book again your cancelled cruise to Europe for...let's see...maybe Fall 2020? I wish you from all my heart to experience a cruise of your choice,and celebrate your anniversary AND your improving health,which is the most important thing.

And believe me,I know what I am talking about as I am a cruise addictWink.

All the best, Suzy

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Time for the happy dance.  I'm so glad to hear that.  Now take a deep breath and enjoy this wonderful news.


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Congrats Kaz, this is great news! Just what I needed to read!

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Canadian Sandy
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Great news Kaz!


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That's wonderful news!  Congratulations.

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Congratulations and carpe the heck out of that diem!

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Great to hear, two years NED is something to celebrate, Kaz, hope you get to celebrate doing the things you love, short of house parties and hugs all around, lol. Spring has sprung so kayaking should become a thing, unless your already on it, which makes you tougher than I. enjoy!.....................................Dave

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May you see many, many more.

 Happy, happy Dancing Man!


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Nothing can beat NED!!!Hoping thr best for you.

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So happy for you!

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