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NED (in the time of COVID-19)

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When I scheduled these scans six months ago, never in a million years would I have imagined that it'd be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic with social distancing and self-quarantining. The handful of people in the waiting room were super upbeat and chatty. I think being self-quarantined has made them all punchy for human interaction. 

Had an MRI of the abdomen and pelvis - X-Ray of the chest. My doctor is great about emailing me right away with the results as soon as he gets them. The results: NED! 

[Side rant: I really wish these tests would stop describing my reproductive organs are "unremarkable". i mean, really...? :) ] 

Anyways, back to working from home and commenting on how weird life is right now. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! 


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Congratulations Eugene, so glad to hear your news. It is horrible how things have been changed since last week, I was always questioning how did those survive the quarantine period in the Diamond Princess, especially the ones in the interior room....

take care and stay healthy.

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Congrats! Best news, isn't it? And whew, what a relief that your reproductive organs are unremarkable :)

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Bay Area Guy
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Congrats on being NED.

LMAO at "unremarkable reproductive organs".  Nothing like pumping a guy's ego.....pun intended.

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Wow - talk about adding unremarkable insult to injury! I've been thinking about you, Stub, and other people I know exercise a lot as I am trying to find ways to keep fit these days. Take care -

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats eug!

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Happy for you!

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Congrats on NED

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Mighty Frog
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Congratulation on your NED eug! Keep it up! 


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Mighty Frog
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Congratulation on your NED eug! Keep it up! 


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Thanks for sharing this good news.  Keep it up!


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Late to the party, but its actually never too late to celebrate great news! Congrats, and as Iceman would say, keep NEDs coming!

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