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Keytruda/Lenvima ---- DAY 1

Little Annie
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Well, I was hoping that Donna Faye would be first to report any side effects from this

Keytruda/Lenvima treatment. 

 This combination was FDA approved for some Endometrial Cancers on September 17, 2019

so I would have thought several ladies would have been on this treatment


My timeline:

December 2017 - Hysterectomy and UPSC stage 3A

January 2018 + 6 Taxol/Carboplatin

May 25 external pelvic radiation

June 2018 – January2019 - Herceptin only maintenace.

April – second opinion to discuss recurrence

May 2019– trial olaparib (28 days only -could not tolerate)

June 2019 – Dec. Doxil and Avastin

January 2020 – Avastin only (CA-125 climbing)

February 21, 2020 – DAY 1 Keytruda/Lenvima

maybe a little nausea - will keep you posted

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I have been following your progress. You and Zsa Zsa have the USPC that herceptin can help. I think all of us are rooting for you and Donna Faye with your Keytruda combo, so keep us posted. 


Fridays Child
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Yes, we're all pulling for you all and hope the treatment isn't too rough. 

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Donna Faye
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As I wondered how your first day went. What dose did you start on the Lenvima? Looks like I may be a month behind you as having to clear up some other things before I begin. Hope all goes well!

Little Annie
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I took the full dose of 2 pills each 10mg........I saw where you wanted to start on only 10mg and I hope to get to that if side effects are as bad as I am expecting......88% of patients require dose reductions or discontinuance due to side effects!   so I'm hoping my oncologist will agree to lower dose ASAP.   A little fuzzy headed tonight.

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Here's hoping minimal side effects and maximum efficacy.

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I am interested in your experience with this drug as I may be prescribed it (pending outcome of March PET scan). Thank you for sharing your experience with it. 


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Donna Faye
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Hoping you are managing well, Little Annie.

I am awaiting the result of my BP keeping to see if I will be able to start the treatment. I am rather frustrated that I was offered this as hypertension has been on my records for 10 years, yet it was not a problem until we asked what it might do.  I meet with the doctor on March 3 to discuss but treatment may be several weeks away or we may have to drop back and punt. GRRRRRRRR

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Hope you are doing well on the L/K treatment. I am very interested in side effects as I may be put on this treatment after my PET scan the 23rd.

Let us know how you are. Prayers!

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