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Postive Margin with no cancer maybe ?

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So after my dad's surgery for stage 3 rectum cancer his pathlogy tests showed cancer in the margin of the tumor they took out . So doctor sent us to University of Michigan to get another surgery to get the cancer off my dad's prostate . But now the university is recommending we wait 3 months to do another MRI before they do surgery . The university doctor said my dad could have postive margin on pathlogy tests but still have no cancer . So my question is has anyone had a postive margin on the pathlogy tests and still ended up having no more cancer ? I am worried waiting 3 months is a mistake for my dad that it could spread so any help I would be grateful .

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I'm just not sure as every patient would want clear margins from the path report, and that is what the doctor is aiming for when they do the surgery initially.  U of M is a very good hospital, so I'm hesitant to ask you to go seek another opinion, but it is something that you might want to consider before they make him wait another 3 months.  Have you tried Henry Ford?  That is also an excellent hospital and where talented doctor's are as well.  Getting a second opinion, isn't always a negative on the hospital you are dealing with, but will make you and your dad feel better.


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Canadian Sandy
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I had a positive margin and almost four years later no evidence of cancer. It is possible. Prayers your way.....it is not easy to have this.


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I'd see if the pathologist who examined the tissue could be asked for more details as to what he/she saw.  It may already be in the report.  Do you have a copy of the report.  If the pathologist says only a few cancer cells found in the margins, then rolling the dice might be more appropriate.  If the pathologist said there was significant cancer spread into the margins, I wouldn't wait and would want to get back in there to scrape out more.

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