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Husband psa 55

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My husbands is 63 years old his Psa has been risen every 2 weeks. First it was 4 then 9 then 16 and now 55. He is getting a biopsy on Thursday. Has anyone here had there psa go up that fast?  He's brother died last year from aggrasive prostate cancer. They have an appointment set for February 12 to go over the results. I'm afraid by then he's Psa will be even higher.  Need help with what we should do. Thanks 

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The biopsy will tell if the PSA relates to cancer. I am also puzzled for the fast increase. Typically, fast increases are due to infection. I wonder if the doctor has thought in recommending him a protocol of anti-inflammatory/antibiotics.

High PSA is not always related to cancer. Inflammation or BPH can lead to high levels too. However, the existing hereditary PCa in the family requires constant vigilance which I believe it is what he has been doing. I wonder what tests were done along the years. In any case, should prostate cancer be diagnosed, he will have a series of treatments to handle his case. A positive biopsy is not linked to death. Let's wait for the results and discuss the details.

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Thank you VascodaGama. My husbands has been having his Psa checked yearly by his general doctor and it wa always low.  He went to the urologist on January 8th and we have been waiting 3 weeks for the biopsy appointmen.  I explained to him how fast his Psa was going up and he said waiting 3 weeks would not make a differenc..  Hopefully it is an infectio. Thank you again for your inpu.

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Hi Lori,

If it was me I think I would want an MRI before the biopsy so that if they want to do a biopsy later they will know what areas to sample.  The MRI should also show if the Prostate tissue is uniform which could mean no cancer or areas of different contrasts that could indicate cancer. Good luck with his diagnostic tests so you can get the total picture.  Report back after the tests if you have any further questions.

Dave 3+4

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My husband had an MRI done that showed an enlarged prostate. The urologist said a biopsy would be the only way to know if there is cancer.

i will let you know what we find out after the biopsy. Thank you.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there

Have a urine bacteria test done.
You can hand in the sample in the morning and have a result by the evening here in France and it is cheap and noninvasive.

Best wishes,


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