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Phase 2 study of the Exportin 1 inhibitor selinexor in patients with recurrent gynecological malignancies

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Interesting, a drug I hadn't heard of yet. I searched selinexor and endometrial cancer at clinicaltrials.gov and there were two other studies using selinexor, one for maintenance after chemo (phasec3) and one on combination with chemo (phase 1), both gor advanced or recurrent disease.  The maintenance one is interesting in not requiring measurable disease, as almost all of them do.



3 trials:


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My gyn/oncs have not been interested in anything for me maintenance-wise, and I feel I should be doing more.  I did an end run around them and got my primary doc to prescribe metformin, but I have wondered about anti-estrogens; and now this will be an interesting read too.  Thanks!

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My gyn/onc is very willing to try maintenance meds.  I tried metformin early on, but had too much trouble with gas and diarrhea.  And I've tried two estrogen blockers - one made me very achy, the other, headache, so I gave up on them.  But I think most people tolerate them well, so perhaps a primary doc would be willing to prescribe?  I continue to get herceptin, but I don't know how long the insurance will pay for it. 

The side effects of Selinexor sound harsh.

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So interesting!  They warned me about diarrhea with metformin and I laugh because since I started taking it I've never been more constipated! I asked about herceptin and any other thing, and was just told all of that is for recurrence. As a military spouse, I don't have a big choice of doctors, although I did have a second opinion at MD Anderson during treatment, so I haven't been able to explore further.  This is my impetus to start advocating for myself again.  Thank you!

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I am taking a breast cancer drug called Ibrance and an aromatase inhibitor.  For me, it is a maintenance chemo since I am NED (No Evidence of Disease).  Ibrance is a CDK 4/6 inhibitor and the aromatase inhibitor prevents aromatase from turning the fat cells into estrine - a form of estrogen.  My doctors submitted my last tumor biopsy for testing with Foundation One to check the genetic components.  From that they know which meds will work.

Ibrance is specifically for cancer that is HER- and ER + and/or PR+ (I am both ER+ and PR+).  The drs are hoping I can keep this regimen for at least another 2 years, but they already know which of the present meds they will add and/or switch to when the cancer returns.

Biggest side effects: low wbc, low rbc, and low hemoglobin, also lower platelets.  I am fatigued if I overdo things.  I also peripheral neuropathy, but it mostly affects my scalp for a few days a month.  I have plenty of iron in my system, the Ibrance makes it so my body can't really use it.

I work full time as a 2nd & 3rd grade teacher and swim about 1.25 miles 2 to 3 times a week.  I just am careful how I manage my energy levels.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone seeking maintenance treatment.  My doctors are at UCLA.

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